Best Salah, Son, Kudus, Hwang Replacements for FPL GW21

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Many popular picks in FPL will miss gameweek 21 (and potentially a few more gameweeks) due to the AFCON and Asian Cup.

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Now, let’s look at who are the best Salah, Son, Kudus, and Hwang replacements for Gameweek 21 in the Fantasy Premier League.

Best Salah and Son replacements in FPL GW21

  • Use the money to bring Haaland back (if fit): If you own both, Salah and Son, and have 2 free transfers, you could do a mini-wildcard (2 free transfers + one -4 points hit) to rebalance your squad and redistribute Son and Salah money around your team. If Haaland is back for GW21, you could use these 3 transfers to bring him back to your team. However we are pessimistic about Haaland’s return for GW21, so this is not an option for us, currently. Read more: Should you buy Haaland in FPL GW21?
  • Similarly, if you own just one of Salah or Son, you could downgrade the midfielder to a budget mid (Gross, Eze, Palmer) and upgrade your forward (Alvarez) to Haaland (if fit). Either with 2 free transfers or one -4 points hit
  • Jota (7.7m, Liverpool) – perfect direct replacement for Salah that will keep you the exposure to Liverpool’s attack. He is one of our all time favourite FPL assets. When he plays, he can deliver points. He is back from the injury with 1G + 2A in just two matches.
  • Saka (9m, Arsenal) – a clear alternative for Son or Salah, a key man for Arsenal, reliable FPL asset (despite currently weaker form). Arsenal has good fixtures in GW21 and GW22
  • Odegaard (8.4m, Arsenal) and opportunity for a manager who wants to double up on Arsenal midfield, or those who do not want to go for Saka
  • Richarlison (6.8m, Tottenham) – could be your direct Son replacement if you want to keep the exposure to Spurs attack. Although it can be very frustrating to own Richarlison in FPL, as he needs a lot of chances to score and use to be subbed off early.
  • Foden (7.9m, Manchester City) – City with good fixtures on the horizon, he is getting in good form

Best Kudus and Hwang replacements in FPL

  • Upgrading Kudus or Hwang to a midfielder from above – for example if you need to redistribute Salah and Son money
  • Palmer (5.7m, Chelsea) – if you still do now own him. Excellent budget enabler, on penalties, seems to be key player for Chelsea this season.
  • Gross (6.4m, Brighton) – a differential, looks to be the most nailed Brighton midfielder. Good at BPS, good fixtures. Brighton is very attacking, 5th for goals among all teams this season.
  • Doucure (5.5m, Eveton) – but it depends on his fitness. He is an injury doubt for GW21 but should be close to returning now, so do not overlook him. But wait for injury news.
  • Eze (6.0m, Crystal Palace) – we think he is lagging behind other similarly priced midfielders – as they had all similar expected output before the season
  • Douglas Luiz (5.6m, Aston Villa) – if you are looking for a longer-term replacement because it is really hard to predict his points, you have to be patient with him
  • Souček (4.9m, West Ham) – another longer-term replacement that needs patience when waiting for his points.

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