FPL GW5: Transfer Targets

We are back with our assessment of players into different categories as we do each week:

  • First one would be “Players you still don’t own”: greatly performing players with high ownership that should be your transfer priority if you don’t have them.
  • Second one is “Differentials”: greatly performing players with under 10% ownership that you might want to bring in.
  • “Who to avoid” is our third category in which we will discuss players that are popular transfer, but you should strongly consider not to do it.
  • “Who to keep” is the category in which we look at the top transferred out players and decide which of them might be a keep instead of sell.
  • Fifth category is “Who to watch”. It consists of players that we don’t necessarily want right now, but want to keep an eye on for future transfers.
  • “Who to sell” is our final category of players that are highly owned, but should be disposed of in our opinion.

Players you still don’t own

Players with more than 20% ownership that you probably need:

  • Salah (MID, LIV, 12.5, 54.5%). Top scorer with CRY and BRE as two nearest fixtures. It is too much of a risk not owning him.
  • Ronaldo (FWD, MUN, 12.6, 40.1%). Ronaldo needed only one gameweek to immediately go up in price and he managed to score 3 goals in 2 matches for Man Utd already.
  • Alexander-Arnold (DEF, LIV, 7.5, 35.1%). TAA scored more than many MIDs and FWDs with the higher price and also has 2 great next fixtures.


Players with less than 10% ownership that might become great assets soon:

  • Mane (MID, LIV, 11.9, 2.7%). Mane makes more shots than even Salah. He may be worse an asset than Salah because of penalties, but he is worth a shot.
  • Traore (MID, WOL, 6.0, 4.3%). Traore shows one of the biggest underperformances in the league. Easy fixtures ahead may help convert the stats into goals.
  • Cancelo (DEF, MCI, 6.0, 8.5%). Cancelo plays for one of the best defenses in the league and also is one the most attacking defenders out there. He just scored a goal in UCL.

Who to avoid

Here are the players with 200k+ transfers in this week already:

  • Edouard (FWD, CRY, 6.5, 2.7%). He only played one game against a team with red card and CB injury. This is Palace, they occasionally score many goals, but they are not that great overall.
  • Gallagher (MID, CRY, 5.6, 4.6%). Same reasons really. Palace also plays Liverpool next, you can’t expect many goals there.
  • Kovacic (MID, CHE, 5.1, 3.9%). His 1+1 in the previous game is what makes managers to bring him in. But it is more of a accident than regularity. Kovacic scored 1 goal in the previous 3 seasons with Chelsea. His minutes this season also could be diminished as they now have more world class midfielders.

Who to keep

Here are the players from top 10 transferred out so far:

  • Antonio (FWD, WHU, 7.9, 37.8%). He will miss one game against Man Utd, in which you don’t expect him to go ham. I say it is crucial to hold him as he has great fixtures after that one game.
  • Shaw (DEF, MUN, 5.5, 43.4%). He looks attacking enough. Sure, Man Utd conceded in almost every game so far, but Shaw looks promising with his ability to gain bonuses, even if does not assist or score.
  • Grealish (MID, MCI, 8.0, 20.3%). Grealish looks like the most nailed player from Man City’s attack. He also is the most creative midfielder and shows great stats. He had just finished his UCL game with 1+1.

Who to watch

  • Lukaku (FWD, CHE, 11.6, 28.4%) and James (DEF, CHE, 5.6, 7.3%). Chelsea has great run of fixtures after GW6 and these two may be must haves.
  • Pepe (MID, ARS, 7.2, 1.5%). Showed great football and stats against Norwich. If can repeat it with better teams, he looks like a good asset.
  • Gallagher (MID, CRY, 5.6, 4.6%). He had two great games and he has currently one of the greatest xG stat.

Who to sell

Here are the players that have high ownership, while also not doing much:

  • Ings (FWD, AVL, 8.0, 23.4%). Villa looks really bad and they also have unfavorable fixtures next.
  • Tsimikas (DEF, LIV, 4.1, 19.6%). Tsimikas won’t play any time soon and he blocks Liverpool slot and they have all the FPL options.
  • Toney (FWD, BRE, 6.4, 14.9%). Brentford does not show attacking football and neither does Toney. They also have tough fixtures coming till GW10.

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