FPL GW30 Tips

The international break is almost over. FPL managers all around the world enjoyed break a from Fantasy Premier League and now are looking forward to the game’s return.

There are some single gameweeks ahead so we can play FPL without additional stress from additional fixtures (or blank fixtures).

This is a time when many FPL managers will activate their wildcard. It could be this week or the following week.

If you still have your wildcard available, you should use it in upcoming gameweeks. There are not so many rounds until the end of the season.

And if you want to fully exploit the power of wildcard, you should use it very soon, in our opinion.

But now, let’s look at FPL GW30 Tips.

Tips for FPL GW30

Best captain pick for GW 30

There are three standout fixtures for the captaincy:

  • Chelsea vs. West Brom
  • Manchester United vs Brighton
  • Newcastle vs. Tottenham

Captaining Chelsea player?

Chelsea vs. West Brom fixture looks great on paper.

However, there really is no Chelsea midfielder or forward we want to captain. We think you should rather focus on Chelsea defenders.

No team conceded fewer goals and less xG in the last 8 gameweeks than Chelsea.

They are really on a great defensive wave and let’s see how many more clean sheets they can keep until the end of the season.

2. Bruno Fernandes (BHA (H))

Bruno Fernandes is with 209 points top-scoring FPL player of this season and he should definitely be on your mind when selecting GW30 captain.

Portuguese playmaker could be a great captain choice in any kind of gameweek.

He has 3 blanks in the last 4 gameweeks but that doesn’t concern us, because he has shown amazing consistency through the whole season.

However, there is one thing that puts us off from captaining him. And that is Brighton’s defense. We have already highlighted Chelsea’s amazing defensive record over the last 8 gameweeks.

And do you know, which team is the second-best when it comes to conceded xG over the last 8 gameweeks? And the third best when it comes to conceded goals over the last 8 gameweeks?

Yes, it is Brighton whose defensive displays cheered a lot of FPL managers in the previous gameweek.

It does not have to be as easy fixture for United, as it looks on paper. That’s why we are picking a captain from the last one of the captaincy fixtures.

1. Harry Kane (NEW (A))

While Brighton delighted FPL managers (especially Free Hitters) in the previous gameweek, Newcastle let them down.

They did not really create anything against the Seagulls – they registerd just 0.1 xG and had just one shot on target).

Their defense had not inspired either, although they allowed Brighton to register only 0.95 xG and 6 shots on target.

Spurs will go for the win to St. James’ Park as they have no other choice if they want to keep their top 4 hopes alive. Normally, we would pick Son Heung Min as our captain in this kind of gameweek.

However, the uncertainty about his injury makes us to lean forward his similarly productive teammate Harry Kane.

Kane is the second top scoring player of this FPL season and just as Bruno Fernandes, he has shown amazing consistency throughout the whole season.

We think that Harry Kane is the best captain pick for GW30.

Scout squad for GW 30

Let’s look at our scout picks for GW30.



5.4 m | FUL (H)



5.8 m | WBA (H)


6.1 m | LEI (A)


5.1 m | SHU(H)


5.9 m | WOL (A)



12.4 m | ARS (A)


11.5 m | BHA (H)


5.7 m | SHU (H)


Kane (C)

11.6 m | NEW (A)


6.7 m | SHU (H)


6.6 m | FUL (H)

We will bring you clean sheet odds for GW30 soon.

Stay tuned.

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