UCL Fantasy: Probabilities of advancing to semi-finals

At FPL Reports, we like to do our Fantasy Football decisions based on data and probabilities. If you are like us, you will find probabilities from this article useful. 

UCL Fantasy Quarterfinals start soon, so we converted bookies’ odds of progressing to the semi-finals into probabilities using our Odds to probabilities calculator.

When picking your UCL Fantasy quarterfinals squad, you should think long-term and consider, which teams are likely to go through to the semi-finals. 

Probabilities of progressing to semifinals

TeamProbability of advancing to semifinals
Man City82 %
Chelsea74 %
Bayern65 %
Liverpool56 %
Real Madrid44 %
PSG35 %
Porto26 %
Dortmund18 %

We will bring you other UCL Fantasy ideas for the quarterfinals very soon.

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