FPL GW15 Tips: Scout Squad, Best Captain

Boxing day Premier League fixtures are here. Will it be a crazy gameweek? We will see.

Prepare you squad best as you can and read our FPL GW15 Tips.

Tips for FPL GW15

Best captain pick for GW 15

We have lot captaincy options in gameweek 15.

  • Wolves – Tottenham
  • Leicester – Manchester United
  • Manchester City – Newcastle
  • Liverpool – West Bromwich

Those are all great fixture for captaincy.

However, we have plenty of options, there is one clear winner, clear number one captain pick, who will be very popular captain among all FPL managers…

But let’s look at few other options, too.

3. Bruno Fernandes (LEI (A))

Bruno Fernandes failed to deliver FPL points in away match against Sheffield United in GW13 when we all have great expectations of him and when he was very popular captain pick.

However, he repaid faith of managers who captain him last week against Leeds and registered 17 points haul.

It only confirms how unpredictable and unstable this season is.

Patience and keeping faith in few heavy hitters are probably the best approaches for this season, rather than switching heavy hitters and transferring them in and out all over again.

It will not be easy match against Leicester for United. However, Fernandes is very reliable this season in terms of FPL points and he is averaging 7.85 points per match.

This time, his reliability overweighs the fixture, and he is definitely one to consider for the armband in GW15.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (NEW (H))

3, 4 and 5 points in last three games against Manchester United, West Bromwich and Southampton are not really the outputs De Bruyne captainers were hoping for.

On the bright side, Belgian had 0.86 xG and 1.81 xA in those games, what suggest he should have had more than just one assist.

On the darker side again, the Manchester City are struggling offensively, and they have scored only 4 goals in last 4 Premier League games.

Hopefully, they can improve against Newcastle.

There is high chance that Kevin De Bruyne will not be rotated during these Christmas fixtures, so we should not be worry about him being rotated.

De Bruyne could be nice differential captain, because majority of FPL managers will be captaining Mo Salah in GW15.

1. Mohamed Salah (WBA (H))

Season top-scorer again. After his 16 points haul against Crystal Palace, he has overtaken Heung-Min Son as top scoring player.

Salah is averaging 9.08 points per match what means that he is on course 300 points season. And we know that he is capable of something like that.

In GW15, Liverpool play against worst defense of this Premier League season and it would be very brave to not captain one of their players.

Mo Salah is currently the most transferred in player, so he is going to be much more owned by the time of deadline than he currently is (43 % of FPL managers own him).

That’s why we can expect that he will be most captained player in GW15.

It is very simple decision this week. If you want to risk it, pick De Bruyne or Fernandes as your captain.

But the safest captaincy pick is Mohamed Salah. Sometimes the obvious captaincy picks is the best captaincy pick.

Differential for GW 15

Raphinha (BUR (H))

2 assists and 1 goal in last five Premier League game.

Raphinha is currently sitting in only 0.9 % of FPL teams and could be good differential during upcoming fixture run.

Leeds face Burnley and West Bromwich in next two gameweek, not mentioning that they have a double gameweek of two solid home games in GW19.

According to Understat, Raphinha has been very active this season with 3.65 shots and 2.28 key passes per 90 minutes.

So if you are looking for some very cheap differential, definitely look at this 5.4 million Leeds midfielder.

Scout squad for GW 15



4.9 m | CRY (H)



7.2 m | WBA (H)


7.3 m | WBA (H)


5.7 m | NEW (H)


4.7 m | FUL (A)


Salah (C)

12.5 m | WBA (H)

De Bruyne

11.8 m | NEW (H)


7.8 m | CRY (H)


6.4 m | BHA (H)



7.9 m | SHU (A)


6.4 m | LEE (H)

We will be back soon with our FPL GW15 Clean Sheet Odds.