What is FPL Cup, when does it start and how many rounds are there?

fpl cup explained

The Fantasy Premier League Cup is a knockout-style competition that runs simultaneously with the classic FPL.

What is the FPL Cup?

  • The FPL Cup is a secondary contest within the FPL.
  • It’s a knockout tournament.
  • If you qualify for the FPL Cup, you are randomly drawn an opponent you face. If you score more points (minus hits) than your opponent, you advance to the next round. If you lose, you are out of the cup.

So FPL Cup can be a very short competition for some Fantasy Premier League managers. In the first round, half of the participants get knocked out, and so on, until there is just one winner left in Gameweek 38.

Opponents are drawn randomly. 

When Does the FPL Cup Start in 2023/24?

The date of the first round is always determined by the number of FPL teams participating in Overall FPL – it is designed to end by GW38, so in the seasons, where we had less than 8388608 (2^23), but more than 4194304 (2^22) , the first round of FPL Cup started in GW16 (38-22=16). While the qualifying round took place in GW15.

But since we have around 10 million of people participating in FPL, the first round of FPL Cup 2023/24 starts in GW15. Some managers progress from GW15 without an opponent – managers with high GW14 scores progress with a BYE. 

The remaining managers with a lower Gameweek 14 score (gameweek score minus hits) will face an opponent in GW15.

How long does the FPL Cup last in 2023/24 and how many rounds are there?

The Overall FPL Cup will last from GW15 to GW38. Gameweek 14 is the qualifying round. So, in the 2023/24 season, we will have 23 rounds in the FPL Cup. But it will be just 2 FPL managers who will experience the FPL Cup for such a long time. As we mentioned, half of the remaining participants will say goodbye to the FPL Cup each round.

Format and Rounds of the FPL Cup & Cup Leagues

The Cup features several rounds of head-to-head matchups. The exact number varies based on overall participation but expect multiple rounds leading up to a climactic final in Gameweek 38. Each round is a direct knockout – win and you proceed, lose and you’re out. This format demands a blend of tactical nous and foresight.

The final of the knockout stage must take place in GW38, so the date of the first round of each Cup competition is dependent on the number of participants. If there are just 2 participants in the Cup League, The first Cup round would be in GW38. If there are 4 teams, the Cup would start in GW37. In the case of 8 teams, the first round would be GW36…  and so on.

Do Hits Count in the FPL Cup?

Yes, hits for transfers do count against your gameweek score, just like in the regular FPL competition. This means any points deducted for extra transfers (beyond your free transfer allowance) will reduce your score in your head-to-head FPL Cup match.

What happens in case of a draw in the FPL Cup?

If you and your opponent end up with identical scores (Gameweek score minus any additional transfer costs), the Cup has a clear set of tie-breakers:

  1. Most Goals Scored: The team with the most goals scored in their FPL team wins.
  2. Fewest Goals Conceded: If goals scored are equal, the team with fewer goals conceded in their FPL defense takes the win.
  3. Virtual Coin Toss: If it’s still a tie, a random virtual coin toss decides your fate.

Are there prizes in the FPL Cup?

Yes, the winner and the runner up (second place) in FPL Cup are awarded prizes from Official FPL. You can find them here.

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