Is there a Serie A Fantasy Football in 2023/24?

is there serie a fantasy football

Yes, if you are interested in playing Serie A Fantasy, there is a fantasy football competition hosted on

The platform is not an official Serie A product but a fan competition. Its structure and rules are closely aligned with those of the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) and Fantasy Champions League, offering a familiar experience to players accustomed to these formats.

Prizes of Serie A Fantasy

Participants can win rewards for various achievements, including winning individual rounds, quad rounds, and, of course, the entire game, along with prizes for second and third-place finishes.

Building Your Serie A Fantasy Team

Players select their fantasy teams from the 20 Serie A clubs with a budget of €100 million. The game allows for strategic choices, including selecting a team name, formation, and the crucial decisions of picking a captain and vice-captain.

The team structure in Serie A Fantasy comprises 15 players: three forwards, five midfielders, five defenders, and two goalkeepers. The captain of the team earns double points, with the vice-captain stepping in if the captain does not play.

Similar to FPL, Serie A Fantasy offers one free transfer before each round’s deadline, and unused transfers can be carried over (you can accumulate up to 4 free transfers). Additional transfers, however, come with a point cost of -5 points. A wildcard option is available for making unlimited transfers without a point deduction once per season.

In conclusion, Serie A Fantasy offers a comprehensive and engaging fantasy football experience for fans of Serie A, providing a platform that parallels the popular FPL and Champions League fantasy formats.

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