Fantasy Challenge Gameweek 32 Team

fantasy challenge gw32

Gameweek 32 starts in just a few hours, and for the first time, we are going to show you are Fantasy Challenge team for GW32.

Our FPL Challenge GW32 strategy

  • We are not going all in into Manchester United and Liverpool players – if there are 2+ goals at both ends, defenders would score just 1, resp. 2 points. So we are also trying to catch clean sheets everywhere
  • If our bench players do well (they play in early fixtures), we will transfer out some of our XI players for some non-starters, to get auto subs
  • No City is risky, but we think it is going to be a tough game for Citizens

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Feel free to join our fantasy challenge league by clicking this link or using the league code: 5aj8hk

Fantasy Challenge Gameweek 32 Team

fantasy challenge gw32 team 2024
fantasy challenge gw32 team 2024
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