EURO 2020 Fantasy: Limitless Wildcard Squad for Matchday 2

Matchday 2 of EURO 2020 Fantasy Football is almost here and many managers will opt to use some chip there. And many of them will use the limitless wildcard chip.

We at FPL reports will be using our limitless wildcard chip in the third matchday because we think that there is a higher potential for this chip: better fixtures plus many teams will rotate their best players, so we will use it a little bit as a free hit chip and we transfer out players that we think will be rested/benched.

It is also important to notice, that we will use our regular wildcard after the R16, when we have just three transfer available.

However, many EURO 2020 Fantasy managers will use all their chips in the group stage, starting with one of their wildcards right now in matchday 2.

So, if you are one of them and you will use your limitless wildcard in this matchday, we prepared how our limitless wildcard squad would like, if we were to use this chip now, too.

Tips for using limitless wildcard

Focus on teams that have high potential to score 3+ goals in the matchday, teams that are heavy favorites. You can use bookies odds to find out who are the biggest favorites in matchday 2: England, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Ukraine, Russia.

Bring in defenders who have a high chance of a clean sheet based on bookies clean sheets odds for EURO 2020.

And of course, have the best captain options for each day: the budget is limitless, so make sure you have the best captain option for every day within the matchday 2.

Limitless wildcard scout squad Matchday 2

Here is our limitless wildcard squad. In the attack and midfield, we focused on favorites. In the defense, we focused on defenders, that have a high chance of clean sheet plus offer extra attacking threat. Our captain for each day: Insigne – Depay – Kane – Mbappe.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Limitless Wildcard Squad Matchday 2
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