EURO 2020 Fantasy: Matchday 2 Tips

The first matchday of EURO 2020 Fantasy Football was successful for many fantasy managers, especially for those who captained Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku.

Now, matchday 2 starts in a very short time. Let’s quickly look at some tips that will help you to manage your squad in the following round of EURO 2020.

Tips for Matchday 2 of EURO 2020 Fantasy

1. Do not chase points from the previous matchday

If you missed some big points on matchday 1, do not chase it on matchday 2.

I mean, for example, if you went for Harry Kane instead of Romelu Lukaku, do not transfer Kane out for Lukaku, just because the English captain blanked in the MD1.

In the MD2 the situation could be the opposite, and Kane could be the one who scores a brace and Lukaku the one who blanks. Their expected output for the group stage was almost identical before the start of the tournament, so now it is up to you stick tor decisions.

Of course, Kane-Lukaku situation is just an example, but hopefully you now know what I meant by not chasing points from previous matchday.

2. Be flexible

If you had a plan in place before the start of the group stage it is great if you stick to it UNLESS the circuitousness changed.

I mean, if your chip strategy was: limitless wildcard in matchday 2 and regular wildcard before Quarterfinals, but now you have a lot of injured or out-of-favor players that likely will not start the Matchday 2 (Eriksen, Cancelo, Wijndal, Denayer etc) is time for you to evaluate your strategy and possibly use the wildcard right now.

Again, it is just an example. The important thing is that you are able to react to changing circumstances and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Successful people are often successful just because they often change their minds when conditions and circumstances change.

3. Use transfers wisely

Unless you are using some of your chips in MD2, use your two free transfers wisely. Transfer out injured players, bring in the best captaincy options etc.

4. Have solid captain for each day

Just as in the first Matchday, make sure you have a solid captain for every day.

Best captains for Matchday 2

We always consider the fixture to be the most important factor when selecting a captain in the fantasy football. In the matchday 2 of EURO 2020 Fantasy, we think that Mbappe is the best captaincy option.

The ideal captaincy sequence in the matchday 2 would be: Immobile – Lukaku – Kane – Mbappe

Scout squad

We make two free transfers to our matchday 1 squad. Eriksen and Kalajdzic out, Dzyuba and Insigne in. Our captaincy sequence: Dzyuba – Depay – Mount – Ronaldo.

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Players:Cancelo, Eriksen, Kane

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