Keep or sell Bowen in FPL Gameweek 21? (Injury news)

bowen fpl keep or sell

Jarrod Bowen injured his ankle in the Cup game against Bristol City and is now a major doubt for Gameweek 21 in the Fantasy Premier League. FPL managers are now considering selling him. In this article, we will talk about our opinion on whether you should keep or sell Bowen in FPL before Gameweek 21.

Bowen injury news

How long will Bowen be out?

  • It looks that Bowen will not play in Gameweek 21
  • But if he is really out for just 2-3 weeks as rumors suggest, he could be back for GW22 on February 1st.
  • However, there will be 2 games for West Ham in early February (GW22 on February 1st and GW23 on February 4th), so if Bowen is not fit for GW22, he could also miss GW23 (as there are just 3 days between gameweeks).
  • So we are potentially looking at a 1 – 3 gameweeks absence

Our verdict: Keep or sell Bowen in FPL?

  1. If you have many other issues in your team due to AFCON and Asian Cup and injuries, and the only way to sell Bowen would be through a -12-point hit, we would consider keeping him (and starting him just in case). But only if you have a bench fodder that could cover his absence. If you have too many injuries and no bench to cover Bowen’s potential absence, you could transfer him out as a part of -4 or -8 points hit.
  2. If your team is not affected by AFCON or Asian Cup departures (Salah, Son, Kudus..), and you have a free transfer to deal with Bowen (or perhaps even just one -4 points hit), we think you could do it and transfer him out (but only if you do not have Salah, Son, Kudus, Hwang, TAA to deal with – these are higher priority transfers out)
  3. If you are on a wildcard, we would not pick Bowen

What are we doing with Bowen?

  • We will wait until close to the deadline whether there are no Bowen injury news
  • But if there are no injury news, we will sell Bowen as a part of -4 point hit (alongside Salah and Son)

This is our own opinion. At the end of the day, you must make your own decision on whether to keep or sell Bowen in FPL. 

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