Best Defenders to pick in Asian Cup Fantasy MD1

asian cup fantasy defenders

In this article, we will look at the best defenders to pick for your Asian Cup Fantasy team in Matchday 1.

We will look at defenders at each price options: budget enablersmidpriced picks and premium options for our fantasy teams in MD1.

This article is part of a series: Asian Cup Fantasy Matchday 1: Tips, Pick, Captain, Team Selection

Budget defenders for Asian Cup Fantasy Matchday 1

Lee Ki-je (4.5m, Korea Republic) – 4/10

  • great budget enabler from a team that belongs among tournament favorites
  • started the last 7 games for Korea Republic

Cameron Burgess (4.5m, Australia) – 3/10

  • Australia is another team with a good group with clean-sheet potential
  • He is not 100% nailed but started last 4 in 6 for Australia
  • Bos (4.5m, Australia) is another Australian budget defender who should get minutes

Lucas Mendes (4.5, Qatar) – 5/10

  • a cheap route into Qatar’s defense

Other budget defender to consider: Tambakti (4.5m, Saudi Arabia), Hussein Ali (4.5m, Iraq)

Mid Priced Goalkeepers for Matchday 1

Bulayhi (5m, Saudi Arabia) –  5/10

  • nailed Saudi Arabia defender
  • can offer slight goal threat from set pieces, have around 2 goals per season for Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia Premier League

Pedro Miguel (5.5m, Qatar) – 7/10

  • Qatar with good group for clean sheets
  • 59 % clean sheet odds in MD1

Tomyiasu (5.5m, Japan) – 6/10

  • an expensive option among Japan defenders, but nailed one
  • He plays as a central defender for Japan, so he does not offer such an attacking threat as he offers at Arsenal

Kim Min Jae (5.5m, Korea Republic) – 8/10

  • the safest route to get reliable Korea defender
  • proven fantasy asset while playing for Bayern in UCL Fantasy (although there are no points for balls recovered in this competition)

Premium Defenders for Matchday 1

Harry Souttar (6.5m, Australia) – 4/10

  • the cornerstone in the Australian defense
  • higher price tag, but you should get 3 starts from him, while Burgess and Bos might get only 2 starts in Group Stage.

Ramin Rezaeian (6m, Iran) – 8/10

  • likely the most in-form defender in the game
  • his price tag is justified if you want a premium defender from a top team with high clean-sheet potential and with an attacking threat, he is your guy


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