Best Goalkeepers to pick in Asian Cup Fantasy MD1

asian cup fantasy goalkeepers

In this article, we will look at the best goalkeepers to pick for your Asian Cup Fantasy team in Matchday 1.

We will look at goalkeepers at each price options: budget enablersmidpriced picks and premium options for our fantasy teams in MD1.

This article is part of a series: Asian Cup Fantasy Matchday 1: Tips, Pick, Captain, Team Selection

Budget goalkeepers for Asian Cup Fantasy Matchday 1

Nawaf Al Aqidi (4.5m, Saudi Arabia) – 9/10

  • 4.5m starting goalkeeper for Saudi Arabia – a team that belongs among the top 4 favorites of the tournament
  • Favorable group for clean sheets
  • 46 % clean sheet odds for MD1

Note: Ari from Indonesia should be another starting 4.5m goalkeeper, but do not have unrealistic expectations about a clean sheet from them.

Mid Priced Goalkeepers for Matchday 1

Suzuki (5m, Japan) – 9.5/10

  • another excellently priced goalkeeper
  • According to bookies odds, Japan is top favourite of the tournament
  • And having a goalkeeper from top team for just a 5m? That is almost a no-brainer
  • Good group for clean sheets
  • Alongside Australia, Japan is top for clean sheet odds in MD1

Yusupov (5.5m, Uzbekistan) – 3.5/10

  • an option for first two matchdays, where Uzbekistan have two solid fixtures
  • 49 % clean sheet odds for MD1
  • But given how Suzuki and Al Aqidi are priced, he is likely no option if you want to play game safe

Premium Goalkeepers for Matchday 1

Beiranvand (6m, Iran) – 7/10

  • another goalkeeper from one of the tournament favorites
  • A good group for potential clean sheets
  • 60 % clean sheet odds in MD1
  • but price might be too much

Kim Seung Gyu (6m, Korea Republic) – 7.5/10

  • After Japan, Korea Republic is second for odds of winning the tournament
  • Good group for clean sheets as well
  • 61 % clean sheet odds in MD1
  • but price might be too much


  • Mathew Ryan (Australia, 6m) – he is in the Australia squad for Asian Cup, but he is after surgery (head injury), and did not play recently, so it is not 100% sure he will be Australia’s starting goalkeeper right from the beginning of the tournament (Source)

How to pick the best goalkeepers in Asian Cup Fantasy?

With goalkeepers, you always want a keeper that has a very high chance of a clean sheet.

But what is crucial, is to have two playing goalkeepers – both who play on different days of the matchday 1 – so you can substitute your first goalkeeper with the second one, in case you first goalkeeper fails to deliver fantasy points.

Our preferred goalkeepers for Matchday 1 of Asian Cup Fantasy

Currently, our preferred goalkeepers’ combo is Al Aqidi + Suzuki.

This will be the most common goalkeeper duo for many fantasy managers, as both goalkeepers play on different days (so you can use your substitutions), both teams have good groups for clean sheets and have high clean sheet odds in MD1, and are cheap, so you can use remaining money elsewhere in your team.

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