UCL Fantasy: Should you change your captain?

The first half of Matchday 1 of UCL Fantasy is now behind us. And fantasy managers face a dilemma: Should I change my captain? 

In this short article, we will look at some basic “rules” (more like pieces of advice), when you should change your captain to help you with your dilemma.

Let’s go.

Changing the captain

We usually use 6 points as our threshold for keeping the armband on a selected player.

So if you do not really have a lot of time to manage your UCL fantasy team, keep it simple, and if your captain scores 6 points, you keep him as your captain.

However, if you are a pro-active manager and want to make decisions on multiple factors, this is what you should consider:

  • Do I have a reliable player in my UCL fantasy team that could easily outscore my original captain?
  • Does this player have a fixture where he could score 10+ points?
  • Is this player likely to get MOTM award if he scores?
  • What are other UCL Fantasy managers and my rivals more likely to do? Stick or twist?

Basically, it all comes to one thing: whether or not you have a player that could outscore your original captain with ease.

So, these are our new thresholds for pro-active fantasy managers:

  • <= 5 points: Changing the captain
  • 6 – 8 points: Changing the captaincy only if your new captain has a very easy fixture and could easily score more points
  • >=9 points: keeping the armband on the original player no matter what

9 points is a lot of points. It still could be rewarding if your new captain would score more points, but double digits holes are rare… It might happen, but the risk of losing your points is very high here.

The important thing here is to have a system in place. And if your potential new captain scores more points but you did not change the captaincy, keep your emotion in check. This system will reward you in the long run.

So, to apply these principles on Matchday 1…

If you had Ronaldo (6 points) as your captain:

  • If you do not have Messi, Neymar, Mbappe or Haaland as your backup captain, you will keep the armband on Ronaldo
  • If you have Messi, Neymar, Mbappe or Haaland as your backup captain, you change the captaincy 

If you had Lukaku (9 points) as your captain:

  • Keep the armband on Rom

So, what are you going to do regarding the captaincy? Let us know on our Twitter (@FplReports) and get in touch with us. 

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