Best FPL & Fantasy Football League Name Ideas

league names for fantasy football

FPL launches soon and after you will have entered your team name and probably created your first GW1 team, there will be a time to join some mini-leagues or create one to enjoy the game with your friends or colleagues.

But how will you call your mini-league? 

How to choose mini-league name in FPL

  • Make sure your league name is a maximum of 30 characters
  • Never use an offensive league name as your account might be deleted (read FPL’s Terms & Conditions for more information)
  • Never charge for an entry to your mini-league – it is against FPL rules and your account might be suspended
  • Never offer cash (or cash equivalent) to participants of mini-league – it is also against guidelines
  • Use a reference to something you and the players in your mini-league have in common
  • Use a reference to your name or brand
  • End the league name with: league, cup, bros, club, legends, fanatics, champions, kings,

Ideas and inspiration when choosing Fantasy Football league name

When choosing a league name for your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) group, it’s important to consider a name that is catchy, unique, and relevant to the theme of the league. Here are some suggestions to help you come up with an engaging league name:

  1. Alliteration Fun: Utilize alliteration to make your league name memorable. For example, “FPL Fanatics”
  2. Wordplay: Incorporate clever wordplay or puns related to football or fantasy sports. For instance, “Net Busters” or “The FPL Titans.”
  3. Team-based Themes: Consider using your favorite team’s name or players in your league name. For example, if you support Liverpool, you could go with “Anfield Legends” or “Klopp’s Warriors.”
  4. Pop Culture References: Infuse your league name with references to movies, TV shows, or popular culture. For instance, “The Fantasy Fellowship” (a nod to Lord of the Rings) or “Game of Throw-ins” (a reference to Game of Thrones).
  5. Inside Jokes: If your league has a group of friends or colleagues who share inside jokes, consider incorporating them into the league name. This can add a personal touch and create a sense of camaraderie among the participants.
  6. Competitive Edge: Emphasize the competitive nature of your league with names like “FPL Champions League” or “Fantasy Battle Royale.”
  7. Descriptive Names: If you prefer a straightforward approach, go for descriptive names that reflect the purpose of the league, such as “Elite FPL Managers” or “The Ultimate Fantasy Challenge.”

Remember to involve your league members in the naming process to ensure everyone is on board and engaged. Additionally, keep in mind any guidelines or restrictions set by the platform you are using for your Fantasy Premier League.

5 Best Fantasy Football League Names (our opinion)

  1. The Justice League
  2. League of Legends
  3. The Invincibles
  4. The Fantasy Maestros
  5. Ultimate Challenge

Other league name ideas for FPL

  1. League of Ordinary Gentlemen
  2. The Justice League
  3. The Professionals
  4. The Unusual Suspects
  5. There Can Only Be One
  6. League of Legends
  7. Best of the Rest
  8. Last Man Standing League
  9. Chasing Greatness
  10. Fantasy Fanatics
  11. The League of Relegation
  12. League of Leagues
  13. League of Our Own
  14. Dynasty League
  15. Fantasy Football Factory (FFF)
  16. League of Champions
  17. The league
  18. The Avangers
  19. Fantasy League of Ballers
  20. Jedi Council
  21. Ball Busters
  22. The Goal Diggers
  23. Messi Business
  24. Prime Time Players
  25. [City name] Crew
  26. Salah Squadron
  27. The Masterminds
  28. League of Winners
  29. Legends of FPL
  30. The Untouchables
  31. Rising Stars
  32. The Invincibles
  33. The Dominators
  34. The Fantasy Maestros
  35. Ultimate Challenge
  36. Fantasy Football Warriors
  37. Tactical Geniuses
  38. The Goal Gladiators
  39. Ultimate Rivals
  40. Perfectionists
  41. Strategic Stars
  42. Dream Team Chronicles
  43. Tactical Titans
  44. Elite Evolution
  45. FPL Fever
  46. Tactical Takeover
  47. FPL Elite Empire


Fantasy Football is mainly about having fun, so chose an appropriate FPL league name that is related to mini-league participants and make the game more enjoyable not just for you, but also for your friends.


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