League Names ideas for Fantasy Football

league names for fantasy football

FPL launched and you have entered your team name and probably created your first GW1 team. Now is the time to join some mini-leagues or create one to enjoy the game with your friends or colleagues. 

But how will you call your mini-league? 

How to choose mini-league name in FPL

  • Make sure your league name is a maximum of 30 characters
  • Never use an offensive league name as your account might be deleted (read FPL’s Terms & Conditions for more information)
  • Never charge for an entry to your mini-league – it is against FPL rules and your account might be suspended
  • Never offer cash (or cash equivalent) to participants of mini-league – it is also against guidelines
  • Use a reference to something you and the players in your mini-league have in common
  • Use a reference to your name or brand
  • End the league name with: league, cup, bros, club, legends, fanatics, champions, kings,  

League name ideas for FPL

  1. League of Ordinary Gentlemen
  2. The Justice League
  3. The Professionals
  4. The Unusual Suspects
  5. There Can Only Be One
  6. League of Legends
  7. Best of the Rest
  8. Last Man Standing League
  9. Chasing Greatness
  10. Fantasy Fanatics
  11. The League of Relegation
  12. League of Leagues
  13. League of Our Own
  14. Dynasty League
  15. Fantasy Football Factory (FFF)
  16. League of Champions
  17. The league
  18. The Avangers
  19. Fantasy League of Ballers
  20. Jedi Council


Fantasy Football is mainly about having fun, so chose an appropriate FPL league name that is related to mini-league participants and make the game more enjoyable not just for you, but also for your friends.

Matej Šuľan

Fantasy Football enthusiast with two top 1k finishes in FPL. Best FPL overall rank: 119th in 2019/20 season. Five top 500 finishes in UCL Fantasy, best overall rank: 23rd in 2018/19 season. Founder of Fantasy Football Reports.

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