How many leagues can you join in FPL?

how many leagues can you join in fpl

In this article, we will look at how many leagues you can join in Fantasy Premier League

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How many leagues can you join in FPL?

In FPL, you can join up to 30 invitational leagues and also up to 5 public leagues.

In the Fantasy Premier League (FPL), the number of leagues you can join is divided into two categories: invitational and public leagues.

Joining invitational leagues

For invitational leagues, these are often created by individuals and require an invitation or a specific code to join. In FPL, you can join up to 30 of these invitational leagues. This allows you to compete against friends, family, colleagues, or any other groups that have created their own leagues.

Joining public leagues

On the other hand, public leagues are open to all players in the FPL. These leagues are randomly assigned and consist of 20 teams each. You can join up to five of these public leagues. This allows you to compete against a diverse range of FPL managers from around the world.

Joining Multiple Leagues: Pros and Cons

Joining multiple leagues in FPL can be both exciting and challenging. On the positive side, being in multiple leagues allows you to test your managerial skills against a wide range of players. It can also increase the fun and competitiveness, as you aim to outscore different groups of people.

However, managing multiple leagues can also be time-consuming. Each league may require different strategies depending on the teams involved. It’s important to keep track of each league’s performance and make necessary adjustments to your team accordingly.

How to Join a League in FPL

Joining a league in FPL is a straightforward process. For invitational leagues, you will need a code from the person who created the league. Once you have this code, you can enter it into the ‘Join a league’ option in the Leagues section of the FPL site. After entering the code, you will be added to the league and can start competing against other teams. Read more: How to join a league in FPL?

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