FPL GW16 Transfer tips and suggestions

Due to the possible Spurs postponements and Toney’s illness, GW16 is going to be a very challenging gameweek for a lot of managers. A lot of them will have to go “Brownhill deep” on their benches. 

But if you have two free transfers available, you have a huge advantage. Let’s look, what transfers we suggest you should aim for in GW16. 

Here are our FPL GW16 transfer tips.

1. Toney -> Joshua King

Toney will miss another two matches which is a clear signal we should sell him and reinvest the money elsewhere. We think King and Dennis are great Toney replacements.

If should pick just one, it would be King, who has higher xG (5.73) than Dennis (2.74) this season. Their other underlying data (xA, shots per 90) are on a very similar level.

Watford have a great run of next four fixtures ahead, and we would be very surprised if Dennis and King do not continue in their admirable form.

2. Son/Kane -> Ronaldo

There is no need to overthink this one. We will likely see blank for Spurs in GW16, and perhaps even in GW17. And if Kane and Son tested positive, their could be out even longer.

Manchester United face all 3 teams from the bottom of the table in the next 5 gameweeks. There could be a lot of opportunities for Ronaldo to shine again.

So, if you have Kane we suggest transferring him out directly for Ronaldo. If you have Son, transfer him out for Ronaldo as well, but via two transfers (Son->cheap midfielder, cheap forward->Ronaldo).

This is a no-brainer for us.

3. Raphinha -> Mount/Bernardo

Raphinha is still in amazing form, but the next four Leeds matches are extremely difficult. We do not see a lot of goals from Leeds there, so we suggest transferring Raphinha out.

There are two main options if you have some funds left. In form Bernardo Silva and in form Mason Mount.  Underlying numbers of both of them are very tight, so this is a very close 50/50 call. 

Both solution likely lies on the same indifference curve at the moment – so it might not really matter which one you pick, as they both could end up on the same amount of points during upcoming matches.

We slightly favor Bernardo over Mount, as the Portuguese was rested in the Champions League midweek. This could protect him from Pep rotation over next few gmeweeks. 

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