FPL GW12 Wildcard Team

We have the last international break here, which is a great time to use your first wildcard if you have not already. There are 2 weeks between GW11 and GW12 which gives us a lot of space to think about wildcard squads.

So, if you plan to use your wildcard in FPL GW12, check our wildcard team as inspiration. 

FPL GW12 Wildcard Tips

Why use a wildcard in GW12? Here are the main reasons and wildcard tips.

  • You can catch a lot of price rises in the international break
  • You can easily transfer out players who get injured during an international break
  • Also, you can restructure your team, strengthen your bench right before the busy Christmas schedule, that is going to be full of rotation
  • Focus on teams that have great fixtures after GW12, teams that have “fixture swing“, so their fixtures turn from red to green in GW12
  • Teams to avoid – Fixture swing from good to bad fixtures: Arsenal, Everton, Southampton (after Norwich),
  • Teams to focus on – Fixture swing from bad to good fixtures. Brighton, Burnley, Tottenham
  • GW12 Wildcard Differentials: Cornet, Son, Kane, Pukki, Wilson, Wood, Zaha

FPL GW12 Wildcard Team

So, here is our GW12 Wildcard team. 

FPL GW12 Wildcard Team
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