FPL GW 32+ Tips: Captain picks, Differentials, Clean sheet odds and more

Short guide and few tips for FPL managers ahead of GW 32+ . Let’ s look what you will find in this article:

Tips for FPL GW32+

Best captain options for GW32+

3. Raul Jimenez (AVL(A))

Raul Jimenez could be nice differential captain in GW 32+. Wolves opponent – Aston Villa conceded 58 goals in 30 matches which is more than any other team and they are big adept for relegation. Wolves are still fighting for the place in European competitions so we can expect, that they put all their effort to win this match.

Jimenez have already surpassed the amount of goals he scored last season (2018/19 – 13G, 2019/20 – 14G) and even improved his underlying statistics. Let’s look at some stats from Understat. In this season, he is averaging 3.58 shots per 90 minutes (3.18 in 2018/19), 1.55 key passes per 90 minutes (1.2 in 2018/19) and 0.52 xG per 90 minutes (0.41 in 2018/19). He is the talisman for Wolves and he was involved in 47 of Wolves goals this season. So if Wolves score against Aston Villa leaky defense, he we very likely be involved.

2. Kevin De Bruyne (LIV (H))

“If you don’t know who to captain, captain the best player in the game.” And Kevin De Bruyne with 193 points this season has been one of the best players in 2019/20 FPL season so far.

Fixture against Liverpool is a tricky one, but if you are struggling to pick a captain in GW32+, he is could be your man, especially when many FPL managers will not give him an armband because of tough fixture.

1. Aubameyang (NOR (H))

Aston Villa conceded the most goals (58) of all teams, but another relegation adept Norwich with 55 goals conceded is second behind them in this unpopular statistic. Despite big let down that Aubameyang prepared for FPL managers that owned him in double gameweek 30+, he is very likely the best captain option for gw32+.

He is a goalscorer and he will not be without a goal for a long time. Our only concern about Aubameyang is that his underlying statistics are on decline from last season.

You can compare his stats with other two captain contenders:


PlayerShots per 90Key Passes per 90xG per 90xA per 90
de Bruyne3.283.840.250.61

Source: Understat


Differential picks for GW32+

Diego Jota (AVL (A))

Only 6 Goals and 3 Assists for Diego Jota this season so far. However, we have seen some improvement from him in last five matches (3 goals and 2 assists). He one of the most underperforming players in the term of xG – his accumulated xG from his 26 matches is 10.42, but he scored just 6 times.  

As we mentioned, Wolves have nice fixture against Aston Villa and Jota could be differential alongside Jimenez in your team. The only concern is his game time and we might see him again being sub off just after 60 minutes.

Eddie Nketiah (NOR (H))

It looks like Eddie Nketiah is a preferred forward under Arteta for now and we expect him to start against Norwich City. He play only 7 matches this season so his stats are a bit distorted.

His shots ratio per 90 minutes is 2.2 and Key Passes ratio per 90 minutes is 0.82. He is averaging 0.51 xG per 90 which is solid and he could do really well in GW 32+ against weak Norwich defense.

GW32+ clean sheets probabilities

We converted bookies odds into probabilities in order to make easy for you to make decision about your defense in GW32+.

TeamProbability of CS
Arsenal41 %
Manchester United40 %
Wolves40 %
Crystal Palace36 %
Tottenham36 %
Bournemouth35 %
Chelsea33 %
Newcastle27 %
Manchester City26 %
Watford26 %
Everton26 %
Leicester26 %
Burnley25 %
Southampton24 %
Sheffield23 %
Brighton19 %
Aston Villa19 %
Liverpool18 %
Norwich13 %
West Ham13 %

Scout squad for GW32+

We used all information above and constructed our scout squad for gameweek 30+.


Martinez (NOR (H))

4,2 m



7,8 m

Saiss (AVL (A))

4,6 m

Wan-Bissaka (BHA (A))

5,3 m

Doherty (AVL(A))

6,3 m


De Bruyne (LIV (H))

10,7 m

Salah (MCI (A))

12,7 m

Martial (BHA (A))

8 m


Aubameyang (C) (NOR (H))

11 m

Jimenez (AVL (A))

8,3 m

Nketiah (NOR (H))

4,4 m

Martinez is our goalkeeper because of his nice price tag and high probablity of a clean sheet for Arsenal – 41 %. Bookies favour Arsenal to keep a clean sheet, but probably mainly because of Norwich offensive struggle rather than Arsenal defending capabilities.

Wan-Bissaka, Saiss and Doherty made it into squad also due to high clean sheet probabilities with later offering great goal threat.

TAA, de Bruyne and Salah are best players in this FPL season and it would be madness to not include them in our picks regardless the fixture.

We count on Arsenal attack with Aubameyang and Nketiah upfront due to really favourable fixture against Norwich. Raul Jimenez has amazing underlying statistics and he is the last name in our squad.  

Good luck in the upcoming gameweek

We hope we brought you some inspiration and some good tips before start of GW 32+. Good luck in the upcoming gamewee.