10 Essential Tips For EURO 2024 Fantasy Success

euro 2024 fantasy tips

The deadline for the Matchday 1 of EURO 2024 Fantasy Football is almost here and we have less than one week to finish our squads.

There are so many great fantasy options, but there are just 15 spots in our team.

Selecting the right players at the very beginning is very tricky and if you do not get it right, it will be very difficult for you to beat your friends in your mini-leagues.

Do not worry, we are here to help.

We prepared for you 10 essential tips that will help you to select the right players for your squad and help you succeed in EURO 2024 Fantasy.

So, how to do well at fantasy football?

Let’s dive in.

1. Plan accordingly, use statistics

When you are picking players for your fantasy team, you should do it with a long-term view in mind.

You should have a plan and you should know how your team will look not just on the first matchday, but also on those after.

So, do not look at matchdays in isolation – but see the whole EURO 2024 tournament. Plan who you transfer in, who you captain, when you use your chips – your chip strategy, etc.

Also, use some stats when selecting players for your fantasy squad. Go to Flashscore and check which players did well in EURO qualification. Go to official qualifiers stats. Go to understat and check the underlying statistics of players from top leagues.

Stats are an essential tool when it comes to selecting the right players for your fantasy squad. Checking them can be time-consuming, but at the end of the day (tournament), it does worth it.

2. It is about the balance

Selecting a fantasy football team is about balance, but you probably figured this out by yourself, too.

Fantasy football is an optimization task with a budget constraint. You have to maximize points that your team will score and respect the budget restraint.

You will have to make sacrifices, and you will not be able to create the team of your dream. You have to do some deep research, found those budget options, and field them alongside your heavy hitters.

So, do not get stressed when you are not able to fit in the players you want. Every other fantasy manager is in the same situation.

Try to find a great balance in your EURO Fantasy team without leaving weak spots in it.

3. Bench and substitutions are more important than you think

There is one very important feature in EURO 2024 Fantasy – the same as in UCL Fantasy – and that is substitutions and captaincy changes.

It means that if some of your players did not score as many points as you would like them to, you can sub them off and replace them with players from your bench that are yet to play.

Always use manual substitutions

Let me explain it with an example.

Germany vs. Scotland is scheduled for 14th June and Portugal vs. Czechia is played on 18th Juney.

Imagine you have a Germany player Havertz in the starting XI of your fantasy team and a Portugal player Cancelo on the bench of your team.

If Havertz scores for example only 2 fantasy points for an appearance on 14th June , you can sub him off and replace him with Canclo from your bench who is yet to play on 18th June.

But be careful, you can not do it the other way around – you cannot sub in a player who already played. You can only sub in a player who is yet to play.

You can read more about it in our article: How to use substitutions in your EURO Fantasy strategy?

Never overlook the bench of your team

Due to substitutions, you will likely use all players from your bench during the matchday.

And that is the reason why you should not have a bench composed only of extremely cheap players that are unlikely to play.

You could pick some cheaper players to your bench, but make sure that they will start for their nation – and ideally also that they have the potential to score you more than 2 fantasy points.

Two playing keepers = big advantage

You should also have two playing goalkeepers in your team – two who play on a different day within the matchday (so not from the same day)

For example, if you have Pickford and Verbruggen in your team, then you could not use goalkeeper substitution in case that your number one goalkeeper will not keep a clean sheet – because England and Netherland play on the same day in Matcdhay 1.

But if you have Pickford and Costa in your fantasy squad, you can use goalkeeper substitutions, because they play on a different day.

So, if Pickford does not keep a clean sheet on the 16 Juney , you can sub him off and replace him with Costa who is yet to play on 18th Juney.

This strategy increases the odds that your goalkeeper will keep a clean sheet during a certain matchday.

So, do not try to save money on your bench players. They will be very useful for your fantasy team during matchdays.

4. Do not fit in too many heavy hitters

It would be great to have Kane, Mbappe, Ronaldo, Fernandes, Bellingham, De Bruyne in our fantasy teams.

But due to the budget constraint, it is not possible.

So, do not get blinded by so many great pricy fantasy picks, and do not try to fit them all in your squad. You would have to sacrifice potential from other parts of your fantasy squad and you would have too many weak links in your team.

Just pick two or three heavy hitters in your team and build a balanced squad around them.

But be careful, try to pick heavy hitters that play on a different day, so you can switch captaincy between them.

More about the captaincy in the following tip.

5. Have good captaincy options on each day

The captaincy is a huge part of success in fantasy football.

The same goes for EURO 2024 Fantasy. However, the big advantage of this competition is that you do not have to rely solely on one captain during the whole matchday.

We already highlighted that you should plan ahead. And the captaincy is something you should plan ahead not just on different matchdays, but also within the certain matchday itself.

You can switch the captaincy during matchday during the substitution window, on a player who is yet to play on a different day within the same matchday. So if your first captain fails to deliver, you can change the armband to another player who is is yet to play on another day within the matchday.

On the Matchday 1, you can switch the captaincy up to 4 times (as we have 5 playing days). You can start with captain from Germany and if he do not deliver satisfying amount of points, you could switch the captain to Italy player, then to England player, then to Belgium player, and then to Portugal player until you catch reasonably high amount of points from your captain.

But be ware, once you switch the captain, doubled points from your previous captain will be lost.

Captaincy points threshold

The question is: what is the satisfying amount of captain points that you should aim for?

Well, based on our experience it is 6 points. But for the group stage, we have these captaincy thresholds:

  • Day 1: 8 points
  • Day 2: 7 points
  • Day 3: 6 points

6. Do not overlook defenders

When you are trying to fit into your teams some more expensive players, the defense is usually the place when you eventually try to cut some funds.

You start to downgrading 6m defenders to 5,5m defenders, and the 5,5m defenders to 5m defenders or to 4,5m defenders.

Our advice is: do not do that.

The defense of your EURO Fantasy team is not a place where you should save some funds.

But do not get me wrong. If you find some amazing 4m defenders (like Faes or Mittelstadt) it is not a bad idea to pick them into your team. They offer great value per 1 million, and they have huge potential to score you fantasy points for a low price.

The bad idea would be trying to put together a defense full of 4m defenders from teams like Albania or Georgia – defenders who have a very low chance of keeping at least one clean sheet in the Group stage.

Hopefully, you get my point now.

Clean sheets are great routes to fantasy points

So, if you think that teams like France, England, and Germany will keep two or three clean sheets in the group stage, you should pick some of their defenders in your team regardless of their price tag.

And if a defender offers even an attacking potential – he is on penalties, free kicks or play like a wing bag – or is very good at balls recovered – that could be a golden player for your fantasy team, even if he costs 5.5m or 6m.

Personally, I like a balanced defense composed of players that have a high chance of a clean sheet + offer something extra.

7. Bring in Talismans

Now you know, you should have approximately two-three heavy hitters in your team and that you shouldn’t save money on defenders.

So, let’s look at some other players you should have in your fantasy squad for EURO Fantasy 2024.

If you are uncertain which budget players you should field around your heavy hitters, try to get in talismans: players that are key players for their team and that are the most likely sources of fantasy points from that team.

To help you understand what we mean: for example, Mbappe is the Talisman of France, Eriksen of Denmark, Kane for England, Szoboszlai for Hungary, Shaqiri for Switzerland etc.

So when that nation scores a goal, the talisman is likely going to be involved.

8. Target teams that play against whipping boys

Fixtures do matter in fantasy football.

A lot.

The fixture is the only thing we can “predict” and we can take an advantage of it. Try to identify, which teams have easy groups, and which teams will play against “whipping boys”.

There can be a lot of fantasy points in these kinds of matches.

So, which teams are whipping boys of EURO 2024? We used bookies odds of winning the tournament to find out.

There are 5 teams that have probabilities of winning the tournament lower than 0.5% (according to bookies odds).

These teams are outsiders of the EURO 2024 and potential “whipping boys”:

  • Romania 0.43 %
  • Slovakia 0.29 % (this breaks my heart)
  • Slovenia 0.29 %
  • Georgia 0.22 %
  • Albania 0.19 %

So, bring players from good teams that play against these “whipping boys”. Especially against Albania and Georgia.

There should be a lot of fantasy points in these matches – especially on the side of good teams.

9. Maximize the potential of chips

We have two chips available in EURO 20247 Fantasy Football:

  • Wildcard
  • Limitless wildcard

With a wildcard, you will get an unlimited number of transfers in that matchday.

The limitless wildcard chip allows you to change your whole team for a single matchday, free from any budget constraints.

We have just 7 matchdays in EURO 2024 Fantasy, so there is not a lot of room where you could deploy these chips.

But we have some ideas about when the best time to use both chips is in order to maximize their potential.

10. Have fun and be patient

Fantasy football can be very emotional.

However, you should always have in mind, that it is just a game and try to not get angry when your captain does not score.

You should enjoy the game and the points your team score. But in the end, there could be only one winner in each mini-league and you have to accept that.

And also, sometimes, there is patience required regarding some players. If you believe that some players will do well, include them in your team, but then they do not score in the first matchday, have patience with them and do not rage transfer them out. You have to keep your head cool when it comes to fantasy football.

Enjoy the EURO 2024 Fantasy Football.

FPL Reports will be here, and we will be posting our tips for each matchday of the tournament.

Good luck.


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