What is wildcard in EURO 2024 Fantasy and when to use it?

euro 2024 fantasy wildcard explained

So what is the wildcard in EURO 2024 Fantasy, how does it work, and when you should use it?

This guide is designed to give you a comprehensive insight into the Wildcard, its optimal timing, and strategies to make the most of its advantages.

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What is a Wildcard in EURO 2024 Fantasy and how does it work?

Wildcard is one of two chips available in EURO Fantasy.

When activated it allows you to make unlimited transfers to your team. Therefore it cannot be used before Matchday 1 and before R16 as we all have unlimited transfers in these two rounds either way.

  • When you activate Wildcard you can make unlimited transfers until the next deadline without facing any point deductions.
  • Essentially, it allows a complete overhaul of your squad, enabling you to bring in players based on their current form, favorable fixtures, or simply personal preferences.
  • Basically, you will get unlimited transfers in a similar way you had before the start of MD1,
  • Players you transfer in will remain in your squad after the matchday has concluded.
  • If you’ve already made transfers prior to activating your Wildcard, those transfers will be canceled, along with any points deductions.
  • If you use the Wildcard, no free transfers get carried forward to the next matchday. So you cannot save any transfers when activating the wildcard.

When is the best time to use wildcard in EURO Fantasy?

Typically, wildcard is most valuable on matchdays where you do not have many free transfers.

  • So, naturally, using it in a group stage (where you have just 2 + 2 free transfers) could significantly impact your team’s performance – but only in the group stage as after MD3 (before R16) we all get unlimited transfers either way.
  • In the knockout rounds, we have 3, 4 and 5 free transfers, so you can make more changes to your squad with free transfers (but many of your players get eliminated too).
  • However, a wildcard is also very valuable when many of your players get injured or eliminated and you cannot cover it with free transfers.
  • Or when you expect heavy rotation from teams and you have many non-starters in your squad.

So, we narrowed our list down to 3 viable wildcard strategies for EURO Fantasy.

EURO 2024 Fantasy Chip Strategy – Wildcard

  • Use Wildcard before MD2 (use unlimited transfers before the tournament to set up your team solely for MD1 and then use your Wildcard to set up your team for MD2 & MD3)
  • Use Wildcard before MD3 (use unlimited transfers before the tournament to set up your team solely for MD1 and MD2, then activate a wildcard to make “free hit” squad for MD3 to deal with heavy rotation from teams who already secured their spots to R16)
  • Use Wildcard before quarterfinals (we have just 3 free transfers before quarterfinals, and you will likely have to deal with many eliminated players in your team)
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