What is Limitless Wildcard in EURO Fantasy and when to use it?

euro 2024 fantasy limitless wildcard chip explained

Let’s look into the Limitless Wildcard chip in EURO 2024 Fantasy, as it has immense points potential.

In this article, we will look at what the limitless chip is, how does it work, when you should use it and how it differs from regular wildcard.

This article is part of our series: How to play EURO 2024 Fantasy?

What is Limitless Wildcard Chip in EURO Fantasy and how does it work?

The limitless wildcard chip allows you to change your whole team for a single matchday, free from any budget constraints.

  • Once activated, the Limitless Wildcard allows you to assemble a squad without any financial limitations, exceeding the usual budget cap of 100 million.
  • With unlimited transfers at your disposal, you have the freedom to craft your team without worrying about budgetary constraints, albeit for just one matchday.
  • However, after that matchday, your squad reverts to your previous team.

What is the difference between regular Wildcard and Limitless Wildcard?

Number Available11
Unlimited transfersYesYes
Unlimited budgetNoYes
Team resets once matchday is overNoYes

Source: Official EURO 2024 Fantasy Rules

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How many times can you use Limitless Wildcards?

There’s just one limitless chip, meaning it can be utilized only once throughout the EURO 2024 Fantasy tournament.

When you can use Limitless Wildcard?

The Limitless Wildcard chip can be utilized on any matchday except for Matchday 1 and Matchday 4 (Round of 16), as unlimited transfers are already available before these specific matchdays.

What happens if I use free transfers before activating Limitless Wildcard?

If you’ve conducted transfers prior to activating the Limitless Wildcard, all those transfers, along with any associated point deductions, will be canceled

Can you cancel the activation of Limitless Chip?

Once you’ve activated the Limitless Wildcard and confirmed transfers, there’s no option to revert or cancel the activation.

When is the best time to use the Limitless Wildcard Chip in EURO Fantasy?

Using limitless in group stage

The optimal time to deploy the Limitless Wildcard Chip is typically during the Group stage, Matchday 2 or Matchday 3.

  • On Matchday 4 our budget increases by 5 million – to 105 million (+budget increase caused by price changes). So, we all have a higher budget in the knockout stage which makes using the limitless wildcard chip there less effective. And there are also fewer players to pick from in the Knockout stage.
  • Also, if you would use limitless chip in knockout stage – on the next matchday your team would revert back, and you could have too many eliminated players in your squad
  • Fixtures in the Group stage are better than in thekonckout stage. And with limitless, you always want to target fixtures where big teams play against “whipping boys” because those are matches with a lot of goals.

So, to sum things up: The best time to use the limitless chip is in the group stage, on a matchday, when many good teams play against weaker teams, so there are likely going to be high scores (such as 4:0, 5:0 etc.). And you want mainly players from teams that are likely to score a lot of goals in your limitless chip team.

Using limitless in knock-out rounds – an alternative chip stragy

However, if you decide to use limitless in the knockout stage, use it with combination with a regular wildcard (because you will likely have too many eliminated players in your squad when your team reverts back). For example:

  • For Round of 16 set up your team with unlimited transfers
  • For quarterfinals, use limitless chip to completely change your squad for just one matchday
  • After using limitless in quarterfinals your team reverts back to your R16 team – and all transfers you made with free transfers before QF will be lost. So, before semifinals you would use regular wildcard to set up your team for semifinals and final
  • Final – use 5 free transfers to get rid of eliminated players

With this chip strategy you would not have to rely on 3 and 4 free transfers before QF and SF to get rid of eliminated players. However, we still favor using the limitless chip in the group stage, where the budget is lower and the points potential is higher.

What is a good score on Limitless Wildcard?

There is really no clear answer on what is a good score on limitless. Every matchday is different: some are high-scoring and some are low-scoring.

Usually, you should aim to get 85+ points on your Limitless.

But always check on how many points other EURO Fantasy managers (who are not on limitless) get and what their approximate average is. If you beat their average by 15+ points, that is a good score.

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