Are there price changes in EURO 2024 Fantasy?

euro 2024 fantasy price changes

Player prices in the EURO 2024 Fantasy will be slightly changing (by 0.1m, 0.2m) between matchdays. Let’s take a moment to understand how these price changes operate in EURO Fantasy – we expect it is going to be the same mechanism as the Price Changes in UCL Fantasy.

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How do EURO 2024 Fantasy price changes work?

The game hasn’t started yet, so we can only speculate, but we expect the price changes rules will be the same as in Fantasy Champions League.

How EURO Fantasy handles player price changes is briefly mentioned in the Official EURO Fantasy Rules:

  • Until the Matchday 2 deadline, player prices remain constant.
  • However, right after Matchday 3 deadline, prices may adjust based on players’ performances in prior games.
  • Points scored are the main factor that drives price changes. That is a bit different from FPL Price changes, which are based on a number of transfers in and out.

Typically, players’ prices can change rise, or decline by 0.1 or 0.2 million. Strong performances lead to price increases, while underwhelming displays may cause a player’s price to decrease. However, only some players’ prices will change after the MD3 deadline – that is how it used to be in UCL Fantasy.

When do price changes happen?

Unlike Fantasy Premier League, where price changes occur frequently between gameweeks, UCL Fantasy and EURO Fantasy sees price adjustments only once between matchdays – at the deadline time.

This eliminates the need for concern about price changes on other days between matchdays, allowing flexibility in transfer planning until shortly before the deadline.

Can we predict price changes in EURO Fantasy?

While there are no tools or software for predicting price changes in EURO Fantasy as there are in FPL, you can estimate potential price rises by assessing players’ point totals.

You can fairly guess which players will rise in price just by looking at the number of points they scored. If a 5.5 million midfielder scores 20 points on Matchday 1, you can bet he will rise in price by 0.2 million on Matchday 3 deadline.

That allows you to slowly build your team value. However, team value is not the most important factor in EURO Fantasy. It is total points that count at the end of the season, so your primary focus should be building a team, that will score the most points, and not building a team with the highest money value.

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