EURO 2024 Fantasy Transfer Rules

euro 2024 fantasy transfer rules
euro 2024 fantasy transfer rules

Transfers are a powerful tool when managing your EURO 2024 Fantasy team as they allow you to change your squad between rounds.

In this article, we will quickly look at transfer rules and especially how many free transfers you get at each stage of this fantasy competition.

This article is part of our series: How to play EURO 2024 Fantasy?

When is it a good idea to use transfers in EURO Fantasy?

  • Use your free transfers wisely, such as replacing injured or eliminated players, as well as those facing unfavorable upcoming fixtures
  • Since injuries and suspensions are common, prioritize swapping out inactive players.
  • Strategically utilize transfers to recruit players with high points potential for upcoming rounds and favorable fixtures
  • Use transfers to bring in the best captain for the next matchday – captaincy plays a huge role in fantasy football so ensure you have the best possible captain for each matchday
  • Avoid additional transfers for -4 points. Only use -4 points hit when absolutely necessary like when you have many injuries, or when you do not have a good captaincy option in your fantasy team
  • Monitor player prices for price changes, as transferring out players likely to decrease in value and acquiring those expected to rise can grow your team’s overall value. However, while team value is beneficial, prioritize accumulating points over the course of the season rather than solely focusing on team value.
  • Use -4 points hits when you cannot field full XI of playing players in your team (for example it can happen in the knockout stage)

How many free transfers do you get in EURO 2024 Fantasy?

MatchdayNumber of free transfersNumber of free transfers you can carry to next Matchday
Before group stageUnlimited-
During group stage2 per matchday1 per matchday
Before round of 16Unlimited-
Before quarter-finals30
Before semi-finals40
Before final50

Source: Official EURO 2024 Rules

Group stage

Before the group stage, you have the liberty to make unlimited transfers. However, once the campaign begins, you’re awarded 2 free transfers before each matchday during the group stage.

Basically, you will get 2 free transfers before MD2 and 2 free transfers before MD3 – so 4 free transfers in the group stage in total.

Can you make additional transfers?

Should you opt for more transfers, each additional one will incur a penalty of 4 points, which will be subtracted from your overall score for that matchday. You can take these (-4 points) hits in the group stage and in the elimination round as well.

You’re allowed to carry over one free transfer to the subsequent matchday, enabling you to accumulate a maximum of 3 free transfers for that following matchday.

The knockout phase

As for the knockout phase, prior to the Round of 16, you’re granted unlimited transfers again, facilitating the opportunity to adjust your team and discard players from eliminated teams.

Then you will get:

  • 3 free transfers before quarterfinals
  • 4 free transfers before semifinals
  • 5 free transfers before final

It’s important to note that you cannot carry over a free transfer to the next matchday during the knockout phase.

Note.: The number of transfers in the elimination round is very low in comparison to UCL Fantasy, where we have 5 free transfers before the start of each elimination phase (+ 3 free transfers before replays, so basically 8 free transfers before each phase). But in EURO Fantasy, there are only 3,4 and 5 free transfers, which means you might consider holding wildcard (or limitless) a bit longer and not use it in the group stage. 

Can you undo transfers in EURO Fantasy?

Once you confirm your transfers in your EURO Fantasy team, it cannot be reverted back.

Note: If you accidentally took like -36 points hit, there is one way how to cancel the transfers. You can activate a wildcard or limitless chip and all points hits will be canceled. However, it will cost you a powerful chip that you will not be able to use on other matchdays.

Transfers and chips

If you use Limitless Wildcard or regular wildcard, no transfers can be carried forward. It means, if you play some of your chips in MD2, you will still have only 2 free transfers on MD3.

If you made some transfers before the matchday and then activated the limitless chip or the wildcard chip, all your transfers (and points deductions) will be canceled.

How to make transfers in EURO2024 Fantasy?

You have to make transfers before the start of the matchday in order for them to be active for that particular matchday.

  1. Go to the My Team section
  2. Click on a player you do not want on your team and select “Transfer Out”
  3. Search for a player you want in your team in the players list
  4. Find the player you want to transfer in, click on him and he will be added to the empty spot in your squad
  5. Confirm the transfers
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