Champions League Group H Preview (2023/24)

champions league group g

Our preview of Champions League Group H with top scorers for each team and the best UCL Fantasy assets to pick.

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Group H Teams: Barcelona, FC Porto, Sachtar Doneck, Antwerp

Probabilities of winning the Group H

Probabilities of winning group H according to bookies odds.

TeamProbability of Winning Group H
Barcelona68.15 %
Porto24.53 %
Sachtar Doneck3.68 %
Antwerp3.68 %

Our prediction of Group H results

  1. Barcelona
  2. Porto
  3. Antwerp
  4. Sachtar Doneck


Top scorers in La Liga in the 2022/23 season:

  • Lewandowski: 23G + 7A
  • Raphinha: 7G + 7A
  • Fati: 7G + 3A
  • Pedri: 6G + 1A

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Top scorers in Liga Portugal in the 2022/23 season:

  • Taremi: 22G + 7A
  • Galeno: 8G + 3A
  • Evanilson: 7G + 5A
  • Otavio: 5G + 7A
  • Martinez: 5G + 4A

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Sachtar Doneck

Top scorers in the domestic league in the 2022/23 season:

  • Bondarenko: 9G + 5A
  • Sikan: 9G + 1A
  • Mudryk: 7G + 7A
  • Sudakov: 5G + 7A

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Top scorers in the Jupiler League in the 2022/23 season:

  • Janssen: 16G + 4A
  • Frey: 7G
  • Balikwisha: 6G + 1A
  • Ekkelenkamp: 5G+ 7A

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