Can you have 2 or more FPL teams and accounts?

can you have two fpl accounts

An FPL account is essentially your ticket to participating in the Fantasy Premier League. When you create an account, you’re given the opportunity to create your own team, participate in leagues, and compete against friends and other players globally. Your account keeps track of your team’s performance, your overall ranking, and your score in the different leagues you participate in.

Having an FPL account allows you to engage with football in a more interactive way, provides a platform to compete with friends and other football enthusiasts, and offers the chance to win prizes. Moreover, it adds an extra layer of excitement to watching football matches, as you have a vested interest in the performance of certain players.

Can you have more than one FPL account?

According to the official rules of the Fantasy Premier League, each person may only enter one team.

This rule is in place to ensure fair play and maintain the integrity of the competition. Having multiple accounts could provide an unfair advantage, as a player could manage multiple teams.

Source: Official rules of FPL

Join multiple leagues, participate in FPL draft

However, while the rules state that you can only have one team, you can enter this team into multiple leagues. This means you can compete against different groups of friends or colleagues with the same team.

You can also participate in Fantasy Premier League draft, where you create a brand new team for this type of game.

Potential disqualification

The consequences of breaching these rules can be severe. The FPL’s terms of use state that individuals are not permitted to register multiple accounts. Any breach of these terms, such as creating multiple accounts, could result in disqualification from the game.

FPL Community view on multiple accounts

The topic of having multiple FPL accounts often sparks heated debates within the FPL community. Some players argue that having more than one account could allow them to experiment with different strategies.

However, a significant portion of the FPL community views the practice of having multiple accounts as a form of cheating. They argue that it undermines the spirit of fair play and can distort the competition, especially in mini-leagues where prizes might be at stake. This sentiment is echoed in various online forums and social media platforms where FPL is discussed.

Having “only” one FPL team is for the best

When you manage just one team, you can focus all your energy and strategic thinking on that single entity. You can dedicate your time to managing only and only one team and this concentrated effort often leads to better decisions and, ultimately, better performance in the overall ranking.

Managing multiple teams could be a challenging task. Each team would require attention, strategic planning, and time. The need to keep up with multiple teams could be overwhelming and distract you from making the best decisions. This could lead to a decline in performance and lower overall rankings for all your teams.

Having just one team can also increase your emotional investment in the game. Every decision you make will directly impact your team’s performance, making the highs of a good gameweek even more exciting and the lows a motivator for strategic changes.

In conclusion, just play fair

In conclusion, while the idea of having multiple FPL accounts might seem appealing to some, it is against the game’s rules and can lead to disqualification.

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