Best Fantasy Premier League squad GW 1- 18

Optimized fantasy football squad GW 1-18 Almost half of the Premier League 2019/20 season is over and Fantasy managers are preparing their teams for a busy Christmas period. But what did we learn in the first half of the season? What has been the best Fantasy Premier League squad with the most points so far? […]

Minimizing risks: Stable/Unstable players

In the FPL, we all try to forecast points players are going to get. Our forecasts often come from the historical data, which are great source of the information. When we look at the historical data from a very simple point of view, we can see that some players have been scoring very similar number […]

Optimized XI with new prices

In my very first article, I described you an optimized XI from the 18/19 season and compared it to points per million metric. I used a genetic algorithm to find a team that scored the most points in the last season within the budget constraint. That solution did not take into account the fact, that […]

Over/Underperformers – Defenders

After an article about xG, over/underperforming forwards and midfielders, it is time to look at the last position: defenders. Everything about xG was explained in those articles so I jump right to underperformers and overperformers from this position. I used data about Expected Goals and Assists from understat website. The chart below displays Expected Involvement […]

Over/Underperformers – Midfielders

I have already explained the concept of xG (Expected Goals) metric in one of my latest posts and examined overperformers and underperformers among forwards from the last season. So, if you are not familiar with the xG metric or you don’t understand the chart below, make sure you read those two articles, where everything about […]