What is a good score in FPL?

what is good score fpl

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) has become a phenomenon among football fans, allowing them to become virtual managers of their own teams. In this article, we will look into what defines a good score in FPL.

Learning from the 2022/23 winner

In the 2022/23 season, the overall FPL winner scored 2776 points. If we expect 2 big double gameweeks per season, that means you need to score approximately 69.4 points per regular 36 gameweek and 138.8 per double gameweeks. (69.4*36+138.8*2=2776) in order to be on course to win the whole FPL.

So, you should aim to get approximately 69 points on average per gameweek (and 138 per 2 big double gameweeks) in order to be on course to win the FPL.

A score for an enjoyable season

A commonly heard target among FPL players is targeting a minimum of 50 points per gameweek. Have in mind, that this is a minimum, so everything above that is a nice bonus.

This is not enough to win the whole FPL, but it is okay to have an average FPL season.

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Understanding the Average Weekly Score

In FPL, there is an ‘Average’ points score calculated for each week once all the points are tallied. This average score represents the mean performance of all players in that particular week. But how relevant is this score to an individual player’s performance?

Aiming for the average score might seem like a reasonable strategy, but it’s essential to understand that merely achieving the average might not lead to a top-ranking position. The average score can be a benchmark, but to excel, a player should aim higher.

Comparing Yourself to the Average

Comparing your score to the average weekly score is a valuable way to track your performance over the season. It helps you understand how well or poorly your gameweek went in the long run. If you find yourself consistently 5-10 points above the average, you’re likely on your way to a good overall ranking.

This comparison also helps in assessing setbacks. For example, if you have two sub-40 gameweeks, understanding the average scores for those weeks can help you determine whether it’s a minor setback or a significant disaster. If the gameweeks average was in-fact 30 points, you did exceptionally well as you outperformed the average score by 10 points-

Specific Score Ranges in FPL

Understanding specific score ranges can also guide your performance:

  • less than 49 points: Poor gameweek
  • 50-55 points: This range is considered average, acceptable, and an ideal minimum.
  • 56-65 points: Could be enough to keep you competitive in your mini-league
  • 66-75 points: Achieving this consistently can lead to a strong season.


Aiming for an average score might seem like a safe strategy, but to truly excel in FPL, players must aim higher, track their performance carefully, and adapt their strategies as the season progresses. Whether you’re a seasoned FPL manager or just starting, understanding these scoring dynamics can enhance your enjoyment of the game and lead to a successful FPL season.

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