UCL Fantasy SF 2nd Leg: Goalscoring Odds

Still not decided about your captain for the 2nd leg of Fantasy Champions League Semifinals?

Hopefully, our goalscoring probabilities will help!

We converted bookies goalscoring odds into probabilities thanks to our Odds to probability calculator.

Goalscoring odds are valid only if player starts the match from the beginning. If he is benched, the odds are voided. 

Goalscoring probabilities for Semifinals 2nd Leg

TeamProbability of scoring a goal
Jesus40 %
Gundogan38 %
Sterling35 %
De Bruyne35 %
Benzema33 %
Mahrez32 %
Foden32 %
Mbappe29 %
Werner29 %
Neymar26 %
Pulisic26 %
Di Maria23 %
Havertz23 %
Mount20 %
Vinicius16 %



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