UCL Fantasy MD9 (QF 1st Leg): Clean Sheet Odds

Choosing the right defenders for your UCL Fantasy team is an important part of your success. Thanks to the balls recovered, defenders are scoring more points than in previous seasons. 

However, clean sheets are still the biggest portion of their points. 

So, we converted bookies’ clean sheet odds into clean sheet probabilities using our Odds to probability calculator again.

Check out, which teams have the highest chance of a clean sheet in the 1st leg of the Champions League quarterfinals and pick the right defenders into your UCL fantasy squad. 

Clean sheet odds for Quarterfinals 1st leg

TeamClean Sheet Probability
Man City41 %
Chelsea40 %
Bayern24 %
Liverpool23 %
Real Madrid23 %
Porto20 %
PSG13 %
Dortmund9 %

Manchester City and Chelsea have a pretty good chance of a clean sheet in matchday 9.

That’s why we recommend you to have at least 1 City (Dias or Ederson) defender and 1 Chelsea defender in your squad (Azpilicueta). 

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