UCL Fantasy: Goalscoring Odds for Matchday 2

Which player is likely going to score in Matchday 2 of Fantasy Champions League? We converted bookmakers goalscoring odds into probabilities in order to find it out. 

Matchday is almost here, so let’s quickly move on to goalscoring probabilities

Goalscoring probabilities for MD2 of UCL Fantasy

TeamProbability of scoring a goal in Matchday 1
Lewandowski67 %
Salah62 %
Mbappé55 %
Haaland55 %
Mané53 %
Neymar50 %
Jota48 %
Gnabry45 %
Lukaku42 %
Zapata42 %
Suarez42 %
Werner42 %
Sterling40 %
Immobile40 %
Benzema39 %
Firmino38 %
Sancho38 %
Ronaldo38 %
Muriel36 %
Reus36 %
Messi36 %
Di Maria34 %
Ocampos34 %
Gomez32 %
De Bruyne32 %

These probabilities might help you to make decision about your captain. Or, if you are not sure who to bring in to your UCL Fantasy team. But do not forget that these goalscoring odds are valid only if player starts the match from the beginning. So, if he does not start, odds are voided. 

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