UCL Fantasy Matchday 6: Clean sheet odds

We expect, that last round of Champions League group stage will be complete chaos. So, which teams are most likely to keep a clean sheet in this hard to predict matchday?

The answer is in the table below.

Clean sheet odds for Matchday 6 of UCL Fantasy

TeamProbability of CS
PSG51 %
Chelsea48 %
Man City44 %
Olympiakos42 %
Inter Milan40 %
D. Kyjev36 %
Bayern Munich35 %
Lazio34 %
Dortmund33 %
Real Madrid31 %
Sevilla31 %
Liverpool28 %
Atletico Madrid26 %
Barcelona26 %
Rennes24 %
Leipzig20 %
Man United20 %
Porto20 %
Ajax19 %
Ferencvaros18 %
Salzburg18 %
Juventus17 %
Midtjylland16 %
Atalanta15 %
Brugee15 %
Zenit15 %
Mgladbach12 %
Marseille10 %
Krasnodar8 %
Sachtar Doneck7 %
Lokomotiv Moscow6 %
Basaksehir4 %

The best tip we can give you about picking defenders to your UCL Fantasy team in Matchday 6 is: focus on teams that still have something to play for. 

Then look at clean sheet probabilities and pick defenders who have great chance of clean sheet and who are also great at balls recovered

If you want to go deeper you can even look at attacking threat of defenders. However, balls recovered are more important than attacking threat.

Points coming from balls recovered are less volatile, more predictable, so there is low risk involved when predicting points output based on balls recovered.

This aproach will help you to maximize expected points output from your defenders.

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