5 Fantasy Premier League tips after FPL relaunch

A long awaiting relaunch of Fantasy Premier League is here. Double Gameweek 30+ starts on 17th June 2020 and FPL managers are already preparing their fantasy teams.

We are going to get additional 9 gameweeks (GW30+, GW31+,…, GW38+), however, only one of them will be a double gameweek (GW30+) and there will be no blank GW (unless some unexpected postponement happens). There was no reset of our teams and all transfers FPL managers did during original gameweeks 30 – 38 count as normal. Official update from FPL is available here.

We can enjoy preparation for GW30+ with unlimited transfers

Official FPL surprised us all with unlimited transfers that Fantasy Premier League managers can make before the start of GW 30+. Another good news is, that players prices will not change until the GW30+ deadline, so we may play around with our squads without a stress of price changes.

5 tips after FPL relaunch

We prepared for you some insights and some tips in order to help you prepare your team for FPL relaunch.

1. Don’t overthink it - pick the best players in Fantasy Premier League

Don’t overcomplicate things. There is so much uncertainty, that we have absolutely no idea, which players are in form and data we have available are probably outdated and will not help us in our decision making process. Speculating and overthinking things may be a very risky at this time. Just take a deep breath, make it simple and pick the best players that you think will score the most points in the upcoming period.  

2. Don’t forget your bench

Very simple advice. We have 39 days between 17th June and 26th July when the Fantasy Premier League season ends. We have 9 gameweeks. For every team it is a match every 4.33 day. We will very likely witness a lot of rotation, so our benches should be prepared for this situation. However, thanks to the new rule of 5 subs in the remaining fixtures of this Premier League season, there should be less 0-pointers and more 1-pointers in case that some regular starters wont start.

3. Be careful when playing around with your fantasy team with unlimited transfers

Unlimited transfers before GW30+ are bit different from those from the beginning of the season. Just be aware that buying price and selling price of players in your fantasy team may not be the same and if you once sell player in which you have tied up a lot of value, you may not be able to bring him back if you decide to do so.

For example if you bought Trent Alexander Arnold for 7m, now you can sell him for 7.4m. But his buying price is 7.8m, so if you transfer him out and in, you will lose 0.4 of your team value. So just be cautious when selling players.

4. Plan ahead and chose your chip strategy wisely

Many Fantasy Premier League managers saved their chips to the end of the season where they expected a hectic period of double gameweeks and blanks. But things have changed and unless something surprising happens (again) there will be just one double gameweek and no blanks. So how should you adjust your chip strategy? It depends on chips you have available and how your team looks like in the moment. And, of course, it also depends on the trust you are putting in Arsenal, Aston Villa, Manchester City and Sheffield United – the only four teams with two matches in GW30+.

So if you have some chips available and you want to exploit the double gameweek 30+, you have several options based on your situation. Thanks to unlimited transfers before GW30+, there are plenty of variations how you could use your chips in order to gain an advantage.

For example…

You can build your FPL squad purely for Double Gameweek 30+ (maximum 12 players from 4 teams above) with unlimited transfers, use your bench boost (or Triple Captain) here and then wildcard in GW 31+ (unless you plan to have players from Aston Villa, Sheffield or Arsenal in your team for longer time). This is very likely a strategy that offers the highest ceiling potential – strategy that could bring you the biggest amount of points in GW30+. But when we look beyond GW30+… You are basically committing yourself to play your wildcard in the following GW (GW31+) to get rid of some players from Aston Villa, Arsenal, Sheffield, Man City that you don’t want to have in your team in long term. So if something unexpected happens after GW 31 (a lot of injuries for your team in a tight schedule, second wave of covid19…) you will be without this very powerful chip and it might be difficult for you to react to surprising events. Evaluate the risk of unexpected events. Think about probabilities. If you think the risk is low, you probably should use your wildcard in GW31+.


Or you can free hit in GW30+. If your team is in a good shape for GW31+, this could be good strategy. However ceiling of free hitting in DGV30+ is a bit lower than ceiling of previous strategy, because you won’t be able to use your bench boost or triple captain. And also you won’t use unlimited transfers before GW30+, because after you use your free hit, you get back team you had at the beginning of the previous gameweek.

There are much more possibilities than those mentioned above. You should plan ahead, evaluate the risk, think about different scenarios and wisely pick a strategy that you think will bring you the most points in a long run.

5. Don’t get too excited about double gameweek and don’t overlook single gameweekers

Double gameweeks are very excited element of Fantasy Premier League and choosing a team for a double gameweek can be really tricky. Many times we pick 15 players who play twice in a gameweek, because logically we assume that because of two matches they outscore single gameweekers. And often we get just 2+2 points from many of them. That is why you have to be careful when picking players from Aston Villa, Arsenal, Man City and Sheffield into your DGW30+ fantasy team.

It is nice when you have 12 double gameweek players in your team. But think twice when transferring out good single gameweek options like Salah, TAA, Jimenez etc. We can’t really predict what will happen in DGW 30+ and transferring out best players of this Fantasy Premier League season may not pay off.

Enjoy Fantasy Premier League again

Fantasy Premier League relaunch is here and we can enjoy the game once again. Enjoy the preparation of your FPL team before gameweek 30+. I hope we provide you with some good tips and ideas how you should approach the restart of the FPL and the rest is up to you.  

Matej Šuľan

Fantasy Football enthusiast with two top 1k finishes in FPL. Best FPL overall rank: 119th in 2019/20 season. Five top 500 finishes in UCL Fantasy, best overall rank: 23rd in 2018/19 season. Founder of Fantasy Football Reports.