Read this first before making substitutions in EURO Fantasy

euro 2024 subs
euro 2024 subs

If you have players with 2 or 3 points in your EURO Fantasy teams and consider substituting them out, read this first.

  • your bench players should play as late as possible on that matcdhay. For example, in my fantasy team, I have on my bench players who play on 17 June or 18 June – that means I do not have to do substitutions too early in the matchday
  • Sub in your bench players on that day, when your bench players play. For example, if your bench players play on 17 and 18 June, I would sub in those players (who play on 17 June) on 17 June, and then on 18 June I would sub in those bench players who play on 18 June – of course, during the substitutions window, so before the first match of that day when you want to make the substitution.
  • But If you have a player on your bench that plays on 15 June, sub him in on 15 June, if your bench player plays on 16 June, sub him in on 16 June
  • So, If your player scored 2-3 points on day 1 in Matchday 1, there is still a chance that some of your players will score 1 or 0 points on Day 2 or Day 3 – so your 0 or 1-pointers would be better candidates for substitutions than 2 or 3-pointers


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2 thoughts on “Read this first before making substitutions in EURO Fantasy

    1. Hi, thank you! This is our captaincy sequence, as mentioned in MD1 article:
      Day 1: Havertz (or Germany defender)
      Day 2: Dimarco (or Szoboszlai)
      Day 3: Kane
      Day 4: Mbappe (or Lukaku)
      Day 5: Fernandes (or Ronaldo)

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