EURO 2024 Fantasy Matchday 2: Tips, Captain, Picks & Team

euro 2024 fantasy matchday 2
euro 2024 fantasy matchday 2

The first matchday of EURO 2024 Fantasy Football will soon be over. Matchday 2 starts in a very short time, so let’s quickly look at some tips, best players’ picks, captain, chip strategy, or team selection for MD 2 that will help you to manage your squad in the following round of EURO Fantasy.

So, without further ado, here are our Matchday 2 Tips. 

1. Tips for Matchday 2 of EURO 2024 Fantasy

Do not chase points from the previous matchday

If you missed some big points on Matchday 1, do not chase them on Matchday 2.

I mean, for example, if you went for Gundogan instead of Wirtz, or Musiala, do not transfer Gundogan out for them, just because he had just one assist in the MD1.

In the MD2 the situation could be the opposite, and Gundogan could be the one who scores more points while other Germany mids could blank. The expected output of Germany midfielders for the group stage was very similar for all of them before the start of the tournament, so now it is up to you to stick to your decisions and not get emotional.

Of course, this situation is just an example, but hopefully, you now know what I meant by not chasing points from the previous matchday.

The same goes for clean sheets. Just because Germany did not keep a clean sheet in Matchday 1, it does not mean they will not keep a clean sheet in MD2 or MD3. So do not rush to transfer their defenders out. The situation in Matchday 2 could be exactly the opposite. Bookies expected Germany to keep around 1.5 clean sheets in the Group Stage. So there is still room for that.

As all investment or trading platforms always say in their risk warningPast performance is not indicative of future results.

Plan when you use chips

Usually, the best time to use chips is in the group stage because many strong teams have good fixtures against whipping boys. Plan now when you use them. We are sticking to our chip strategy which is Limitless in MD3 and Regular Wildcard before QF.

Use transfers wisely

Try to be logical about your transfers and do not make moves you could regret later. The results of matches are unpredictable, so expect the unexpected.

Have four captaincy options for Matchday 2 as well

Just as in the first Matchday, make sure you have four captaincy options for MD2 as well, all who play on different days.

Do not overlook players good at balls recovered and MOTM awards

Balls recovered and MOTM awards can be a huge source of points in the EURO Fantasy. Do not overlook players that are good at balls recovered or MOTM when selecting your squad for MD2.

2. Fixtures to target in Matchday 2 of EURO 2024 Fantasy

Let’s look at who are bookies’ main favorites to do well in MD2:

  • Germany vs. Hungary: Germany 77 % to win, 44 % to score 2.5+ goals
  • Croatia vs. Albania: Croatia 66 % to win, 29 % to score 2.5+ goals
  • Belgium vs. Romania: Belgium 65 % to win, 32 % to score 2.5+ goals
  • Turkyie vs. Portugal: Portugal 62 % to win, 31 % to score 2.5+ goals
  • Denmark vs. England: England 60 % to win, 27 % to score 2.5+ goals
  • Georgia vs. Czechia: Czechia 54 % to win, 21 % to score 2.5+ goals

Find over 2.5 odds for all teams in our article: EURO 2024 Over 2.5 Goals Odds

3. Key player to own and transfer targets for Matchday 2

Key players to own

  • Germany defender: Mittelstadt
  • Germany midfielder
  • England defensive coverage: Pickford
  • Fernandes – main man for Portugal
  • Kane, Bellingham
  • Lukaku/Ronaldo – your 3rd forward
  • Faes – budget enabler, good at balls recovered

Transfer targets

  • Germany midfielder – Musiala, Wirtz, Gundogan
  • Austria players could be good one matchday punts. We especially like Baumgartner
  • Slovakia’s fixtures improve for MD2 and MD3 where they will face Ukraine and Romania: Lobotka, Haraslín and Hancko are the stand-out options from Slovakia
  • Croatia’s players could be good option for managers building team solely for MD2 – we would focus on their defenders, Gvardiol is the main pick
  • Akanji – recovered 11 balls in Matchday 1 (extra 3 points), so he ended up MD1 on 5 points despite Switzerland not keeping a clean sheet
  • Lobotka, Rice, Kante – cheap budget mids good at balls recovered
  • Schick, Souček – Matchday 2 differentials for Czech’s fixture against Georgia

4. Clean sheet probabilities for MD2

Let’s continue analyzing bookies odds for EUR 2024 Matchday 2. We used our Odds to probability calculator to convert other odds to probabilities as well, which helps us assess the potential of the following matchday.

Clean Sheet Odds Matchday 2

Bookies expect 6.74 clean sheets in MD2. Which teams have the highest chance of keeping a clean sheet? Bookmakers especially favor Germany (49 %), Croatia (48 %) and Belgium (45 %) to keep a clean sheet in Matchday 2.

See our full table here: EURO 2024 Clean Sheet Odds.

5. Best captain for Fantasy EURO 2024 Matchday 2

When we select a captain in fantasy football, it is all about the fixture. Basically, we try the pick the fixture that has the highest haul potential (or hattrick potential).

But because we can change our captain 3 times in Matchday 2you should have 4 captaincy options available – one for each day. And if your first captain will not deliver you can switch captaincy to another player who is yet to play.

A captain for each day

  • Day 1: Musia (or Wirtz)
  • Day 2: Kane (or Bellingham)
  • Day 3: Baumgartner (or Mbappe)
  • Day 4: Lukaku (or Fernandes)

Captaincy thresholds:

  • Day 1: 8 points
  • Day 2: 7 points
  • Day 3: 6 points
  • Day 4: 5 points

So if your captain score this amount of points or more, you will keep the armband on him.

Read more: EURO 2024 Fantasy captaincy thresholds

Substitution thresholds:

  • 4 points

6. Team selection constructed solely for Matchday 2

euro 2024 fantasy matchday 2 wildcard team update
euro 2024 fantasy matchday 2 wildcard team update
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8 thoughts on “EURO 2024 Fantasy Matchday 2: Tips, Captain, Picks & Team

  1. Hi, what is your plan with the GKs? Pickford had 4 points but not sure should I go for Costa and risk it (to hopefully get a CS) or not. What are your thoughts?

    1. I have the same dilemma, and I am sticking to my sub threshold (4 points), so I am keeping Pickford in XI.

  2. Cancelo,Faes,Lukaku,Ronaldo,Bruno for the last day..
    Players to replace 1..3..and 5 points..
    Should i leave the one with 5 points in?
    And if yes,who to leave on the bench?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi, Vas. I would keep the player with 5 points on. I would leave out someone who has the lowest points potential or someone whose place is most at risk (could be benched). From those five, I would leave Faes on the bench.

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