FPL GW2: Transfer targets

First of all, I wanted to make a warning that making a transfer after the GW1 is the most kneejerk situation there is. The fact that a player hasn’t scored in the first game means nothing, he can still score in the second one. Also, some players are still missing for some teams, so their puzzle is still to be solved. Also if you had a player that didn’t start a match, i.e. Watkins, he might just be a missing piece for their success in attack for the next game.

Players you still don’t own

Here we will select players from top 30 owned to bring in this week:

  • Shaw (DEF, MUN, 5.5, 55%). Great fixtures and offers some attacking potential.
  • Alexander-Arnold (DEF, LIV, 7.5, 33%). Really the same reasons.
  • Fernandes (MID, MUN, 12.1, 55%). Needless to say that he’s on top of everybody’s list after his performance.
  • Salah (MID, LIV, 12.5, 55%). Greatest fantasy asset for 4 seasons, starting this one strong too.
  • Richarlison (FWD, EVE, 7.6, 13.6%). The biggest xA from the first week while also playing far forward.


Here we will select players from the list of best performing players with less than 10% ownership:

  • Benrahma (MID, WHU, 6.0, 8%). Second best xG + xA in West Ham after Antonio. Cheap midfielder finally filling in Lingard’s shoes.
  • Dennis (FWD, WAT, 5.0, 2.7%). Looks like nailed player that costs only 5.0 and participates in most of teams’ attacks. Made 5 shots, the same as Salah, Calvert-Lewin and Son in their matches. Also Watford only has one tough defense in the next 6 fixtures.
  • Cancelo (DEF, MCI, 6.0, 7.4%). Has 0.9 xG + xA with 3 shots and a part of one of the best defenses in the league. The only question is who will win in Pep’s roulette.
  • Wilson (FWD, NEW, 7.5, 7.3%). 0.8 xG and 4 shots in an unfavorable match. Talisman on a team. Also has great matches coming next.
  • Maupay (FWD, BHA, 6.5, 2.7%). 0.8 xG and 4 shots and nice fixtures coming.

Who to avoid

There are always players who will score big in one particular given week, but they are not worth transferring.

  • Goalkeepers. You can never guess who will get points for bad executed penalty.
  • Tsimikas (DEF, LIV, 4.0, 25.5%). You decided not to get him at the start of the season, stick to your decision! He gets worse every passing week, because he will be benched the moment Robertson feels good enough.
  • Chelsea defenders. 4 out of 5 coming matches are not easy. Firstly, you can’t count on scoring a goal again. Secondly, you can’t count on getting clean sheet. Thirdly, you never know who will start a match.
  • Lukaku (FWD, CHE, 11.5, 10.6%). As said earlier fixtures are not that easy and one can’t predict how Lukaku’s signing will affect Chelsea’s attack.

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