EURO 2020 Fantasy R16 Tips: Strategy, Captains, Scout team

R16 of EURO 2020 Fantasy will be tricky. The way you approach it will largely depend on whether you saved your wildcard for Quarterfinals or not.

Let’s look at our EURO 2020 Fantasy R16 tips to help you navigate through this critical round.

Few notices for the start…

Budget of our fantasy teams increased by 5 million, so budget I as lesser issue when selecting the best squad as it was in the group stage. That’s why we urged you to use your limitless wildcard in the group stage, and we hope you have already used it.

We have unlimited transfers in R16.

The limit for players from the same teams increased to 4.

Strategy for EURO 2020 Fantasy R16

As we said at the beginning, your strategy for the Round of 16 of EURO 2020 Fantasy largely depends on whether or not you have your regular wildcard available.

That’s why we divide our tips to two sections…

Strategy with wildcard available

If you saved your wildcard, you are in a great position.

You can use it after the R16, when is the best time to deploy this chip (because we have only 3 free transfers between R16 and Quarterfinals).

It means, you can use unlimited transfers now to basically built a “free hit” team, so you do not have to consider which teams will go through, and you can pick the best possible team for the R16.

So, when selecting players for the R16, focus solely on this matchday and nothing more. Do not look at which teams could likely advance to the quarterfinals or which team could win the tournament.

Eliminate the noise and focus only on what is important: selecting a fantasy team only for one matchday.

You can take as many punts as you want. You can bring in players and talismans from teams from any team you want. Focus only on this matchday.

You will be worrying about the bigger picture later when you use your wildcard before the start of the Quarterfinals.

For now, just pick the players that you think will score the most point in the Round of 16.

Strategy without wildcard

As we mentioned, we have only 3 free transfers available between R16 and QF, which can really be a problem for fantasy managers without a wildcard.

If you are one of those managers, you should focus on teams that will likely advance to the quarterfinals. You can use bookies odds to find out, which teams are favorites of R16. We converted those bookies’ odds into probabilities, so check that out.

You have to think long-term now. Navigating EURO 2020 semifinals and finals will not be as hard as R16 and Quarterfinals, because we have 5 free transfers in semifinals and 5 free transfers in the final.

But now, you have to take R16 and Quarterfinals in one package when picking your squad with unlimited transfers.

Make sure, you have your two goalkeepers from both halves of bracket – that way you can rotate these two keepers all the way up until the semifinals (if their team progresses). For example, Donnarumma and Stekelenburg.

EURO 2020 R16 Bracket

EURO 2020 Play Offs Bracket (Source: Flashscore)

Make sure you have solid captaincy options from both sides of brackets as well.  

So, if you do not have your wildcard, you have to pick your squad with a longer timeframe in mind.

Tips for R16

1.Pick your strategy based on the wildcard availability.

2.Diversify your defense based on EURO 2020 clean sheet odds.

3.Of course, have a captain for each day within R16 matchday.

4.Have keepers you can rotate.

5.Bench players that play on the last day

Scout squad and captains

Here is our first draft for EURO 2020 Fantasy R16.

Captaincy sequence: Immobile – Depay – Mbappe – Forsberg

EURO 2020 Fantasy R16 Scout Squad
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  1. Hi there!!
    Since some of us, have more funds,due to price rises,suggest which players to aquire with a budget 106 millions..
    Let’s say drop Allaba or buy an expensive defender!!

    1. Hi! I feel that there is not a lot of options in the midfield. Unless you can find some funds to upgrade Yarmolenko to De Bruyne, I would upgrade Pau Torres to Jordi Alba or to French Defender, as there is some risk that Torres will not start.

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