EURO 2020 Fantasy: Quarterfinals Tips

After a chaotic Round of 16, we are heading to the Quarterfinals, which could be even more hectic than previous round. Let’s look at how you should approach the next round of EURO 2020 Fantasy.

Just as we mentioned in the R16 Tips article, your strategy depends on wildcard availability.

First, let’s discuss what you should do if you do not have a wildcard to use in the quarterfinals.

Strategy for EURO 2020 Fantasy QF

Strategy without wildcard

We have only three free transfers available and that is a big problem for the majority of fantasy managers without their wildcard – especially for those who went heavy into Netherlands and France players.

Now, if this is your case, you need to make sure you have 11 starters for QF. If you do not have to take -4 point hits to field 11 players, then great – do not take hits. But if you can’t field 11 players with your 3 free transfers, take -4 point hits to fix it.

Your aim here is to have 11 starters and captaincy options for both playing days.

Forget about your bench, forget about substitutions.

It is all about fielding 11 starters and 2 great captaincy options. Make sure you will make your transfers with a long-term view in mind – so transfer in players that have a solid chance of advancing to the semi-finals.

One last piece of advice: transferring out your most expensive eliminated players is your priority.

You can easily bench 5.6m Kimbembe. But benching 10.1m Benzema would be funds wasting. So, use transfers to get rid of most expensive eliminated players and bench cheap ones.

Strategy with wildcard

If you have a wildcard, you are in a great position.

Set up your team with a long-term view in mind.

But, after what we saw in R16, do not go all-in in some teams that have a higher chance of progressing to the semifinals.

Balance your squad and spread your funds to players from all 8 teams. However, do not go in all teams equally.

Put a little bit more emphasis on players from teams that are more likely to advance to the semi-finals. For example, go for 3 Spain players, but only 1 from Switzerland. Go 3 England players, but only 1 from Ukraine. You get my point.

Diversification will be a key for your team if we see some surprises in the quarterfinals.

Because of this, the way your team will look like in semi-finals will not not depend heavily on one or two teams (another Netherland or France).

Your diversified team could look for example like this:

  • 3 x Spain
  • 1 x Switzerland
  • 3 x England
  • 1 x Ukraine
  • 2 x Belgium
  • 2 x Italy
  • 2 x Denmark
  • 1 x Czech Republic

Also go for two keepers that will not end-up playing each other in semifinals if their teams advance. Go for one GK from top half of bracket, and the other one from the bottom half of bracket.

Best captains in Quarterfinals

Well, according to bookies goalscoring odds for QF, Harry Kane and Morata have the highest chance of scoring a goal in the EURO 2020 Quarterfinals.

However, we are a bit cautious here.

They are both in a bad form, despite having good fixtures.

Of, course fixtures matter, but we will pick other two players as our captains.

For the first day, it is Romelu Lukaku, and our backup captain for the last day of QF is Raheem Sterling.

Because we have just two playing days, we are decreasing our threshold for changing captain from 6 to 5. So, if Lukaku scores 5 points, we will keep the armband on him.

Quarterfinals Scout squad

This is our scout squad for EURO 2020 Fantasy Quarterfinals.

We used our wildcard and diversified to all teams – putting little more emphasis on Spain and England as they are more likely to go through as Ukraine and Switzerland.

We picked 2 defenders from Spain and 2 from England as they have a high chance of a clean sheet based on EURO 2020 Clean Sheet Odds. After that, we went for defenders that have a chance of an attacking return.

We consider this squad to be well set up for Quarterfinals and Semifinals as well. We have 5 free transfers after this round, so it will be a bit easier to navigate that round with free transfers than this round.

Good luck.

EURO 2020 Fantasy Quarterfinals Squad
Matej Šuľan

Fantasy Football enthusiast with two top 1k finishes in FPL. Best FPL overall rank: 119th in 2019/20 season. Five top 500 finishes in UCL Fantasy, best overall rank: 23rd in 2018/19 season. Founder of Fantasy Football Reports.

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5 thoughts on “EURO 2020 Fantasy: Quarterfinals Tips

  1. Hi there!!
    You said,you picked 2 defenders from Spain,but i can see only Simon,the keeper..-)
    To another question..
    If you had 4-5 more millions,would you select a couple of different players..

    1. Sorry about that Spain defenders. I transferred in Zinchenko for Jordi Alba in the last minute!

  2. Guys your talking bollocks: you say at the top there is 3 free transfers – that is wrong for QF. You said we have gone for 2 defenders each from SPAIN and England you had L Shaw and no Spanish defenders in Scout squad. Apart from that I like the team!

    1. No problem, we do mistakes sometimes 😀 sorry about those Spain defenders, I did not change the count after transferring in Zinchenko for Jordi Alba

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