EURO 2020 Fantasy Final: Goalscoring Odds

Who will likely score a goal in the final of EURO 2020 Fantasy? We converted bookies goalscoring odds into probabilities to find it out.

Goalscoring Odds

Converted odds into probabilities can be found in the table below. Remember: these goalscoring odds are valid only if the player starts the match from the beginning. If he is benched, the odds are voided.

PlayerProbability of scoring a goal in the final
Kane33 %
Immobile27 %
Belotti24 %
Sterling23 %
Insigne20 %
Foden20 %
Rashford20 %
Berardi18 %
Chiesa17 %
Grealish17 %
Mount16 %
Saka16 %
Jorginho12 %
Barella10 %


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