Champions League Winner Odds 2023/24

champions league winner odds

Which team is most likely to win the Champions League 2023/24? We converted bookies odds into probabilities to find out. This information can be very useful for UCL Fantasy football managers.

You want to pick players who will score the most points into your UCL Fantasy team. Better teams score more goals so their players get more FPL points (in total).

Also, it can help you identify “whipping boys” – teams that could concede a lot of goals, so you should focus on their opponents.

So, which teams do bookies favor the most to win the Champions League 2023/24?

Who will win the Champions League according to bookies odds?

TeamProbability of Winning
Manchester City28.19 %
Bayern München13.88 %
Real Madrid10.02 %
Arsenal6.94 %
FC Barcelona6.01 %
Paris SG5.01 %
Manchester United4.51 %
Napoli3.34 %
Newcastle3.01 %
Atl. Madrid2.91 %
Inter Milano2.82 %
AC Milan1.8 %
Dortmund1.64 %
Benfica1.29 %
RB Leipzig1.29 %
FC Sevilla1 %
Lazio Roma1 %
FC Porto0.9 %
San Sebastian0.75 %
Feyenoord0.6 %
Union Berlin0.6 %
Galatasaray0.36 %
PSV Eindhoven0.36 %
Celtic0.3 %
Lens0.3 %
Salzburg0.3 %
Braga0.18 %
FC Antwerp0.15 %
Shakhtar Donetsk0.15 %
CZ Beograd0.13 %
FC Köbenhavn0.13 %
Young Boys Bern0.13 %


According to bookies odds, Manchester City is the most likely to win Champions League 2023/24.

It is a usual picture from previous seasons.

UCL Fantasy managers should focus mainly on players from:

  • Manchester City
  • Bayern
  • Real Madrid
  • Arsenal
  • Barcelona
  • PSG

Especially on their heavy hitters. Haaland, Kane, Mbappé, Saka, and Lewandowski, are going to be very popular heavy hitters for our fantasy teams, especially when these team will play against whipping boys.

Whipping boys

Now, let’s look at teams that will likely be whipping boys – teams that will concede a lot of goals, so we should focus on their opponents. This can be useful information mainly regarding the captaincy, as it is always a good idea to captain a player who has very easy fixture, as the probability of a high score or hattrick is higher.

  • FC Antwerp
  • Shakhtar Donetsk
  • CZ Beograd
  • FC Köbenhavn
  • Young Boys Bern

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