Best Goalkeepers to pick in EURO 2024 Fantasy

euro 2024 fantasy goalkeepers

In this article, we will look at the best goalkeepers to pick for your EURO 2024 Fantasy team in the Matchday 1.

We will look at goalkeepers at each price options: budget enablersmidpriced picks and premium options for our fantasy teams in MD1.

How to pick the best goalkeepers for your EURO 2024 fantasy team

  • With goalkeepers, you always want a keeper that has a very high chance of a clean sheet. You can use our EURO 2024 Clean Sheets Odds to find nations, who are most likely to keep a clean sheet in Matchday 1.
  • It is also best to have two playing goalkeepers – Both who play on a different day so you could use substitution if the first one will not keep a clean sheet. (If their match starts on the same day, you couldn’t make substitutions)
  • That way, if the goalkeeper who plays earlier does not score enough points (we use 4 points as our threshold) you can replace him with a goalkeeper that is yet to play on another day within the same matchday.
  • This will help you maximize fantasy points gained from your goalkeepers.
  • Also, when considering a goalkeeper for your fantasy team, you always have to take a look at fixtures and asses whether a certain keeper has the potential for a clean sheet. Does he have a tough or easy fixture? And as we mentioned, our clean sheet odds will help you with that.
  • Also, asses save potential of a goalkeeper you would like to pick
  • Not sure how are goalkeepers scoring points in EURO 2024 Fantasy? Check our article: How are points awarded in EURO 2024 Fantasy?

Now let’s look at goalkeepers at each price option and our rating.

Budget Goalkeepers (4m – 4.5m)

Moldovan (4m, Romania) – 3/10

  • likely the best 4m goalkeeper for EURO 2024
  • He is predicted to be number 1 for Romania at the tournament
  • Romania solid defensively in the Qualifiers, with just 5 goals conceded and 5 clean sheets in 10 matches

Lunin (4.5m, Ukraine) – 4/10

  • A perfect budget goalkeeper for the first two matchdays (against Romania and Slovakia)
  • Great option for managers who will use limitless wildcards or regular wildcards in MD3 – so they will transfer out Lunin for his fixture against Belgium
  • He was perfect asset to own in UCL Fantasy this year, as he was very good at collecting save points for Real Madrid – 4.75 saves per match
  • Ukraine should concede shots so there is high potential he will get points for saves
  • 36 clean sheet odds in MD1

Verbruggen (4.5m, Netherlands) – 6.5/10

  • He will be number 1 goalkeeper for Netherlands at EUROs
  • disadvantage is, that he is not as good pick for managers who will use limitless in MD3, because they have a tough fixture on MD2 against France
  • Good pick solely for Matchday 1

Mid-priced Goalkeepers (5m)

Pickford (5m, England) – 9/10

  • very good price
  • Hero of Fantasy Premier League season this year – top scoring goalkeeper in FPL with 13 clean sheets this season
  • England with very good group – clean sheet potential in every match in the group stage
  • He is good set and forget goalkeeper for the group stage
  • 45 % clean sheet odds in MD1 – 3rd best of all teams
  • England had the most clean sheets (5) in previous EURO in 2021
  • in Qualifiers, England had 4 clean sheets in 8 games

Diogo Costa (5m, Portugal) – 5/10

  • Portugal with the best defense in the qualifiers – they kept 9 clean sheets in 10 matches and conceded just 2 goals (in the game against Slovakia
  • But in the recent big tournaments their defense was not as solid as in the qualifiers
  • Good at saving penalties

Casteels (5m, Belgium) – 7.5/10

  • should be starting goalkeeper for Belgium as they will be without Courtois
  • Good group for Belgium, all 3 fixtures have clean sheet potential
  • 5 clean sheets for Belgium in 8 games in Qualifiers

Premium Goalkeepers for EURO 2024 Fantasy (5.5m – 6m)

Given Pickford’s price, it is hard to pick more expensive goalkeepers given that their points potential is very similar to Pickford’s.

Maignan (5.5m, France) – 5/10

  • France were second for clean sheets in Qualifiers (6 in 8 games)
  • But the price tag is high – we prefer Pickford or Casteels at better price points
  • Tougher group, 40 % clean sheet odd in MD1

Neuer (6m, Germany) – 5.5/10

  • very high price tag, however, Germany has a good group for clean sheets
  • But they did not play Qualifiers – hard to say how “prepared” they are for the tournament
  • If you also have Mitelsdadt, your team would be too reliant on Germany keeping clean sheets
  • But top for clean sheet odds in MD1 (55 %)
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