How are points awarded in EURO 2024 Fantasy?

euro 2024 fantasy points scoring system

How does the points scoring system work in EURO 2024 Fantasy and how are players awarded points? Let’s quickly look at it.

The system is the same as the one we are used to in UCL Fantasy, including points for balls recovered, MOTM awards and goal outside of the box.

Let’s dive into the scoring rules for the EURO 2024 Fantasy Football game.

This article is part of our series: How to play EURO 2024 Fantasy?

How are points awarded in EURO 2024 Fantasy?

So, how do players get points?

All players

60 mins on pitch1
Goals from outside the box1
Every 3 balls recovered1
Player of the Match award3
Winning penalty*2
Conceding penalty*-1
Missing penalty-2
Yellow card-1
Red card-3
Own goal-2

Basically, you should focus on players regularly playing 60+ minutes for their nations. Including balls recovered and MOTM awards in points scoring system is great addition to points sources, it increases appeal of selecting centre-backs over full-backs, and talismans (who are more likely to get MOTM awards)

Source: Official EURO 2024 Fantasy Rules



Clean sheets and occasional saves are the most common routes to the points among goalkeepers.

  • Focus mainly on clean sheet potential (extra 4 points).
  • Usually, goalkeepers tend to get approximately somewhere between 0 to 6 saves per match, which results into an extra 0 to 2 fantasy points.
  • However, when your goalkeeper is facing a lot of shots, there is an increased chance he will concede, so the combination of clean sheet points with save points is not very likely (although it is not uncommon – as we can regularly see in FPL or UCL Fantasy).
  • But the most common output for goalkeepers are:
    • with clean sheet: 6-7 points (clean sheet + 0 or 1 save points)
    • 1-3 points when their team concedes (basically just appearance points + save points – negative points for conceding goals)
  • Points for penalty saves are pretty rare and hard to catch.
  • Avoid goalkeepers whose teams are expected to concede many goals, as this can lead to negative points due to goals conceded
Scoring a goal6
Saving a penalty5
Clean sheet4
Every 3 saves1
Every 2 goals conceded-1
+ points for all players

Source: Official EURO 2024 Fantasy Rules


Scoring a goal6
Clean sheet4
Every 2 goals conceded-1
+ points for all players

Clean sheets, points for balls recovered, occasional assists (attacking fullbacks), and occasional goals (goals from set pieces) are the most common routes to fantasy points among defenders.

Our approach when picking defenders:

  • Pick a defender who offers clean sheet potential + something extra (points from balls recovered or attacking returns)

Source: Official EURO 2024 Fantasy Rules


Our approach when picking midfielders:

  • We like to pick premium midfielders who are key attacking players for their team, or out of position playing midfielders (as forwards)
  • in combination with cheap defensive midfielders good at balls recovered
Scoring a goal5
Clean sheet1
+ points for all players

Source: Official EURO 2024 Fantasy Rules


Our approach when picking forwards:

  • We usually pick 2 big hitters among forwards who have good fixtures, play on different day, and are good captaincy options
Scoring a goal4
+ points for all players

Source: Official EURO 2024 Fantasy Rules

Which players are the best source of points in EURO 2024 Fantasy?

Learning from Fantasy Champions League, we expect these players to be great sources of points in EURO 2024 Fantasy

  • premium forwards from top teams who are key players for their nations as they are most likely to score big amounts of points (especially against easier positions), and they are great captaincy options on easy fixtures
  • defenders, usually center-backs, who are great at balls recovered
  • attacking full-backs
  • Cheap defensive midfielders who are great at balls-recovered
  • talismans and key players for their nations who are most likely to get the Man of the match award
  • mid-priced midfielders from mid table teams during their games against easier oppositions (key players, talismans)
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