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Team Serbia in Euro 2024

Serbia secured their return to the European Championship stage after a two-decade absence with a solid performance in the qualifiers. They finished second in their group, showcasing a potent attack and a developing defensive solidity.

Serbia Key Players and Attacking Prowess:

Serbia’s success hinged on a strong attacking core. The name that jumps out is Dušan Vlahović, a prolific goalscorer currently lighting up Serie A with Juventus. He’s likely to be the team’s main source of goals at EURO 2024.

Dušan Tadić, the captain and creative force for both club and country, provides the attacking spark with his playmaking and set-piece delivery. He could rack up assists and contribute with the occasional goal.

Another name to remember is Aleksandar Mitrović. While his playing time might be shared with Vlahović, his aerial prowess and experience make him a valuable asset, especially against teams vulnerable to crosses.

Filip Kostić, the marauding left wing-back, offers a constant attacking threat with his pace, dribbling skills, and pinpoint crosses. He’s a potential source of assists and could even chip in with a goal or two.

Team Stats Reveal Offensive Strength:

Serbia’s overall numbers paint a picture of an attacking team. They averaged a healthy 1.88 goals per match in the qualifiers, with a strong passing accuracy of 86.63% suggesting a possession-based approach that creates scoring opportunities.

A Well-Rounded Squad for EURO Glory?

While Serbia’s attacking talent is undeniable, their journey to the latter stages of EURO 2024 might depend on a more balanced approach. Their defensive record in the qualifiers wasn’t spotless, conceding an average of 1.13 goals per match.

However, the likes of Nikola Milenković, a composed and reliable defender, and the energetic ball-winner Nemanja Maksimović offer hope for a more resolute backline.

Strong Passing and Possession:

  • Technical Ability: The Serbian midfield is composed of technically gifted players like Sergej Milinković-Savic, known for his long-range passing and ability to control the tempo of the game. Their high passing accuracy (86.63% on average) indicates a team comfortable keeping possession and building attacks patiently.
  • Dominant Ball Retention: Averaging 59.5% possession in the qualifiers, Serbia enjoys controlling the flow of the game. This allows them to dictate the pace, tire out opponents, and create space for their attacking players to exploit.

Developing Defensive Solidity:

  • Emerging Backline: While not as prominent as their attacking talent, Serbia’s defense has shown signs of improvement. Nikola Milenković brings composure and experience, while Nemanja Maksimović provides a strong presence in midfield, helping to win back possession and shield the backline.
  • Organized Pressing: Serbia’s pressing game can be disruptive, forcing turnovers and regaining possession high up the pitch. This allows them to launch quick counter-attacks and catch opponents off guard.

Set-Piece Specialists for Serbia:

  • Penalty taker: While definitive information might not be available until closer to the tournament, Aleksandar Mitrovic is the most likely candidate for penalty duties. His composure and experience make him a reliable choice from the spot.
  • Backup penalty takers: In Mitrović’s absence, other options could include Dušan Tadić, known for his nerve under pressure, or Sergej Milinković-Savić, who possesses a powerful shot.
  • Short-range free kicks: Dušan Tadić is again the primary choice for short-range free kicks due to his technical ability and knack for finding dangerous angles.
  • Longer range set pieces: For long-range free kicks requiring power and accuracy, Sergej Milinković-Savić might be the preferred option with his long-range shooting prowess.
  • Corners: Dušan Tadić is likely the main corner taker, utilizing his pinpoint crossing ability to create opportunities for Serbia’s aerial threats. Filip Kostić could also be involved in corner routines, offering another dimension with his delivery from the left flank.
  • Areal threat from set pieces: Serbia boasts several players who pose a significant aerial threat during set pieces. Aleksandar Mitrović stands out as a natural target man, while players like Nikola Milenković and Strahinja Pavlovic (if selected) can also be dangerous in the air.

Expected formation and lineup for EURO 2024

If you look at the quality of the “Eagles” team, you can guess that the best formation for the team is 3-4-1-2. Aleksandar Mitrović and Dušan Vlahović would have to play together in attack. The teams’ coach can easily switch formation to 4-3-2-1 but Serbia struggles on LB and RB positions. If you see the potential team lineup for Euros, you can notice that on the players list there is only one left-back and one left wing-back.

The expected teams lineup V. Milinković-Savić – Milenković, Gudelj, Pavlović – Radonjić, Maksimovic, S. Milinković-Savić, Kostić – Tadić – Vlahović and Mitrović.

Team Serbia is in a group with England, Slovenia and Denmark.

Match 1: Serbia vs. England

  • Challenge: This is arguably Serbia’s toughest group-stage fixture. England boasts a strong squad, and Serbia might be on the back foot defensively.
  • Fantasy Potential: While points might be limited, Serbian defenders like Nikola Milenković could rack up points for balls recovered if they manage to keep England at bay. Dušan Tadić could also score points with a well-taken free kick or by creating an assist if Serbia manages a surprise goal on the counter-attack.

Match 2: Slovenia vs. Serbia

  • Favorable Matchup: On paper, this appears to be Serbia’s easiest group stage fixture.
  • Fantasy Potential: Attackers like Dušan Vlahović and Aleksandar Mitrović have the potential for big hauls here. Goals, assists, and even bonus points for clean sheets are all possibilities. Filip Kostić could also be a fantasy star with his attacking threat down the left flank, potentially racking up assists and even a goal.
  • Midfield Watch: Sergej Milinković-Savić could be another key player, creating chances and potentially scoring himself from long range.

Match 3: Denmark vs. Serbia

  • Tricky Encounter: Denmark poses a significant challenge. They are a well-organized team with attacking threats of their own.
  • Fantasy Potential: Similar to the England match, Serbian defenders could earn points for defensive contributions if they can contain Denmark’s attack. Dušan Tadić and Sergej Milinković-Savić remain key players in midfield, offering the potential for assists and even goals from set pieces. Dušan Vlahović could be a threat again, but Serbia might need to be more cautious tactically in this match

As mentioned above, the key players that you want in your team are Vlahovic, Tadic, and Mitrovic alongside Sergej Milinkovic Savic.
If you are looking for some budget players, you should take a look at Pavlovic, Samardzic, and Kostic, and maybe Jovic, and Radonjic.

Also, there are possible surprises that can bring you some points but also they are not so famous and the playing time will be much lower. So here are some names to consider Petar Ratkov and a strong striker from the Bundesliga, Mijat Gacinovic and Andrija Zivkovic from the Greek league.


In conclusion, Serbia heads into EURO 2024 with a potent blend of attacking talent and a developing defensive resolve. With key players like Dušan Vlahović and Dušan Tadić leading the charge, Serbia has the potential to surprise many and make a deep run in the tournament. Fantasy football managers would be wise to consider these Serbian stars, especially during the favorable group-stage fixture against Slovenia, where they have a high chance of racking up points.

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