Limitless wildcard team for Matchday 3 (EURO 2024 Fantasy)

euro 2024 limitless team
euro 2024 limitless team

Are you going to play your limitless wildcard in Matchday 3 of UEFA EURO 2024 Fantasy?

Here is our draft for your inspiration. This limitless team in MD3 could be a part of a bigger chip strategy, like LL3, WC5.

This article is part of the series: EURO 2024 Fantasy Matchday 3: Tips, Best Picks & Captain

Tips for playing limitless wildcard in EURO Fantasy

  1. Load up your squad with players who have the best fixture
  2. Pick at least 10-11 players who play on earlier fixtures (Day 1, 2 and 3), so you could make substitutions before the last day – Day 4
  3. Pick premium defenders with high clean sheet probability
  4. Have great captain for each day
  5. Wait for line-ups before deadline

Limitless wildcard team for Matchday 3

Captaincy sequence for Matchday 2 of this limitless wildcard team: Fullkrug (only if he starts, if he doesnot, he could be Ronaldo or Jota) – Dimarco – Mbappe – Fernandes

euro 2024 fantasy matchday 3 limitless wildcard team
euro 2024 fantasy matchday 3 limitless wildcard team
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