Clean sheets odds: Pick your defense wisely in DGW 30+

Who will most likely keep a clean sheet in Double Gameweek 30+? We looked at bookies odds and calculate probabilities of keeping clean sheets. You can convert odds to probabilities using our odds to probability calculator.

Cleen sheets probabilities of Double Gameweek teams

Firstly, let’s look at teams that play twice in GW30+. In the table below, you will find probablities of these teams keeping clean sheet in the first, in the second match, probabilities of 2 clean sheets and at least one.

 CS Probability in 1st matchCS Probability in 2nd matchProbability of 2 CSProbability of at least one CS
Man City35 %50 %17 %68 %
Sheffield United31 %36 %11 %56 %
Arsenal7 %31 %2 %36 %
Aston Villa24 %11 %3 %32 %

As you can see, Manchester City is the most likely to keep at least one clean sheet in those two matches, what makes their defenders like really good options for DGW 30+. It is no surprise to see Sheffield United here with 56 % probability of keeping at least one clean sheet in the upcoming double gameweek.

Cleen sheets probabilities of all teams​

Here is a table of probabilities of keeping a clean sheet for all teams.

TeamProbability of CS
Man City68 % *(at least one)
Sheffield United56 % *(at least one)
Liverpool37 %
Chelsea36 %
Arsenal36 % *(at least one)
Wolves33 %
Aston Villa32 % *(at least one)
Bournemouth31 %
Leicester30 %
Southampton27 %
Crystal Palace27 %
Newcastle27 %
Man United26 %
Tottenham23 %
West Ham22 %
Watford21 %
Brighton20 %
Norwich19 %
Everton12 %
Burnley4 %