FPL Double Gameweek 27: Clean Sheet Odds

Make a right decision about the defense of your Fantasy Premier League team ahead of double gameweek 27.

We converted bookies clean sheet odds into probabilities with our Odds to probability calculator.

Clean Sheet Odds Double Gameweek 27

Converted odds into probabilities are in the table below.

TeamProbability of CS
Liverpool45 %
Chelsea44 %
Spurs44 %
Arsenal41 %
Manchester City37 %, 53 %
Southampton35 %, 7 %
Aston Villa32 %
West Brom30 %
Leicester29 %
Brighton27 %
Newcastle27 %
West Ham26 %
Wolves25 %
Sheffield United24 %
Leeds17 %
Burnley16 %
Everton14 %
Crystal Palace12 %
Manchester United12 %
Fulham8 %

Clean Sheet Odds for DGW teams

Probabilities of at least one clean sheet, and probabilities of two clean sheets for double gameweek teams.

TeamAt least one CSTwo CS
Manchester City70 %20 %
Southampton40 %2 %

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