FPL GW11: Clean sheet odds

Let’s look which team is most likely to keep a clean sheet in GW11 of Fantasy Premier League.

We converted bookies clean sheet odds into probabilities using our Odds to probability calculator.

Clean sheet odds for Fantasy Premier League GW11

You can find clean sheet probabilities in the table below.

TeamProbability of CS
Man City53 %
Liverpool41 %
Aston Villa (*blank GW)38 %
Everton35 %
Leicester35 %
Spurs35 %
Chelsea33 %
Crystal Palace30 %
Man United29 %
West Brom29 %
Brighton28 %
Southampton26 %
Arsenal20 %
Sheffield20 %
Burnley19 %
West Ham18 %
Newcastle (*blank GW)14 %
Wolves11 %
Leeds10 %
Fulham3 %

Bookmakers are expecting 5.27 clean sheet in GW11 (WITH blank Aston Villa vs. Newcastle). That is a bit less than they expected for previous gameweek (5.34 for GW10).

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Good luck in blank gameweek 11!