FPL GW10: Clean Sheet Odds

Firstly, there is another Friday deadline in FPL so do not get caught off and make your transfers and changes in time.

Secondly, let’s look at clean sheet odds for GW10 of Fantasy Premier League.

We use Odds to probability calculator to convert bookmakers odds of clean sheet into probabilities.

Clean sheet odds for Fantasy Premier League GW10

Let me start with short analysis.

Bookies are expecting 5.34 clean sheets for GW10. This number is slowly increasing gameweek by gameweek as we have seen less of crazy goal fests that were typical for start of this season.

In gameweek 9, bookies were expecting 5.1 clean sheets and in gameweek 8 they were expecting 5.06 clean sheets.

This number is getting closer to last season average amount of clean sheets per gameweek = 5.45.

That could be a signal that the offensive overperformance from first few gameweeks is now over and things our has started to level thanks to the Law of Large Numbers.

Now, it could be time to invest a bit more in the defense. If you switched to 3-4-3 formation, maybe is time to get back to 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 – formations we prefer the most due to value distribution.

But it is up to you, dear FPL manager, how you handle this information. You can also read our FPL GW10 Tips. Good luck in GW10!

TeamProbability of CS
Man City56 %
Leicester42 %
Arsenal39 %
Liverpool36 %
Crystal Palace34 %
Man United32 %
West Brom32 %
Chelsea30 %
Everton29 %
Sheffield29 %
Newcastle25 %
West Ham25 %
Wolves23 %
Aston Villa19 %
Southampton19 %
Spurs18 %
Leeds16 %
Brighton13 %
Fulham13 %
Burnley5 %