Balls recovered – The game changer in UCL fantasy

Balls recovered. A new feature in the Champions League fantasy football. There were too many questions about this new feature before the start of 2019/20 UCL campaign, because we had no data about balls recovered from previous seasons. It was hard to predict, how it was going to influence players points. Now we know.

How balls recovered influenced players points?

Centre backs and defensive midfielders are gaining big portion of points from this feature. That makes some centre backs much more appealing than more expensive attacking fullbacks. And there are some really cheap defensive midfielders who outscored premium mids just because of the balls recovered, too. 

We think it really changes the dynamics of our teams. Players with big balls recovered potential have “higher floor” of points. For example centre back like Hummels or VVD may end up match with 5 points with no clean sheet and with 9 balls recovered (which is pretty common for some players). Imagine what happens when they add a clean sheet to that. Huge amount of points. 

These kinds of players offer stability in their points outcome, because we don’t have to hope for attacking returns. On the other hand, their output is limited, their “points ceiling” is lower than the points ceiling of attacking players – especially in the case of defensive midfielders. You will get balls recovered points, clean sheet points and that’s it. 

A tip for your UCL squad

So how could you use it in your fantasy team? We think you should choose one really cheap defensive mid (for example Tousart) to your ucl fantasy squad – great price for stable outcome of 4-6 points per match. Then pick at least 2 or 3 centre backs who are recovering balls and have high clean sheet potential. So with a clean sheet you will get 8-10 points, without CS 3-6. That could separate your team from the rest of the crowd and gain you a few extra points that could be really valuable in long run.

And at the end.. Which players you should be targeting? Just look at the table below. There are stats from 6 group stage matches about balls recovered.

PlayerBalls recoveredPoints from Balls RecoveredPoistion
Virgil van Dijk6118D
J. Andersen4213D
Thiago Silva4212D
Marteen de Roon4112M