FPL GW1 Team: Our best draft!

Well, it is here. Fantasy Premier League starts on Friday 5.8.2022. We created many FPL drafrs and now we are going to share with you the best of them. Here is our FPL GW1 team for your inspiration. This draft could, of course, change – we will be updating this page regularly.  So, here it […]

Premier League Set Piece Takers

Which players are on set pieces in the 2022/23 season of FPL? Here is our list of Premier League set piece takers. If you are looking for the list of penalty takers, you can find them here: Premier League Penalty Takers. Set piece takers Premier League 2022/23 From the FPL perspective, do not overlook these […]

Premier League Penalty Takers

Who is on penalties in the 2022/23 season of FPL? Here is our list of Premier League penalty takers. Penalty takers Premier League 2022/23   Penalty takers FPL Team If you want to go all-in into penalty takers when selecting your Fantasy Premier League squad for 2022/23 season, this is how your team could look […]

Fantasy Premier League FAQ: All you need to know

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about Fantasy Premier League.  1. What is Fantasy Premier League? Fantasy Premier League is the biggest Fantasy Football game in the world. Participants of the game create their imaginary team of real-life footballers from the Premier League and score points based on players’ performance – goals, assists, or […]